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The below article covers vital and unknown facts about the Kauron Harvey Video Directo Twitter. Read till the end to explore hidden facts.

Have you watched the Kuaron Harvey video? Do you know who Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey were? Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey were cousins who lost their lives because of an accident. Almost one year and two months ago, something horrible happened to Paris and Kuaron. A video of that incident recently went viral in Mexico and other countries. 

People continuously searched for Kauron Harvey Video Directo Twitter to see what happened to Kuaron and Paris. You can read the entire article about Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey’s death. 

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What video of Kuaron Harvey went viral on Twitter?

The video that went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms was an Instagram live video. On 25th March 2022, at around 2:09 AM, Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey went live on Instagram. Paris was holding a pistol in her hand. In the middle of the video, Kuaron came wearing a hoodie. 

If you notice the video that went Viral On Reddit and Twitter, you will see that Paris pointed the gun behind Kuaron’s right ear. The gun was not locked. All of a sudden, Paris triggered the gun accidentally. As the bullet hit Kuaron, he fell to the ground, and Paris got shocked after hearing the firing sound. 

The video does not end here. Paris became traumatized after seeing this. So, she pointed the gun at her and shot herself to death. If you notice the Kauron Harvey Video Directo Twitter, you will notice that before shooting herself, Paris Harvey was trembling with fear. Those who watched the video assumed that Paris killed herself because of guilt and fear. 

What did Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey’s family say about this incident?

The family members of Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey are still in shock. They can’t believe that their kids are no more. Paris and Kuaron’s parents also requested everyone not share the video on Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit. It is hurtful for them to see their kids’ death videos all over the internet. 

What did the police say about this case?

The police identified this case as the murder of Kuaron Harvey and the suicide of Paris Harvey. But the parents of Paris Harvey refused to believe the fact that Paris intentionally murdered her cousin. The video of Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey that went viral on Tiktok and other social media platforms is nothing but a terrible accident. 

Who were Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey?

12-year-old Paris Harvey and 14-year-old Kuaron Harvey were cousins. On 25th March 2023, Paris Harvey went to Kuaron’s house at the 1000 block of Spruce Street, downtown St. Louis, to attend a birthday party. According to Paris Harvey’s mother, Shinise Harvey, she sent her daughter to Kuaron’s house for the birthday party. 

Can we find the video on Instagram?

Yes, you can find the video on Instagram. The original video of Paris and Kuaron was two minutes and twenty seconds long. But on Instagram and other social media platforms, you can find the nineteen seconds long clips. 

What did ordinary people say about this topic?

People are still in shock. They felt bad about this heartbreaking incident. After watching the Kauron Harvey Video Directo Twitter, some of them also blamed Kuaron and Paris Harvey’s family members for keeping a gun inside the house. Please check our “Social Media Links” section for recent updates. 

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Those who are searching for the video can find it on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. But it’s up to you whether you watch this heartbreaking video or not. We will pray for Paris and Kuaron’s souls to rest in peace. May the almighty give strength to the family members of Paris and Kuaron to bear this pain. Click here to watch the detailed video of Paris and Kuaron’s death.

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Kauron Harvey Video Directo Twitter– FAQs:

Q.1 When did the incident happen?

Ans. 25th March 2022, at around 2:09 AM.

Q.2 Were Kuaron and Paris cousins?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 Did Paris intentionally kill Kuaron?

Ans. No. It was an accident.

Q.4 Was the pistol semi-automated and unlocked?

Ans. Yes.

Q.5 Did Paris shoot herself with guilt and fear?

Ans. Yes.

Q.6 Did the incident happen in Kuaron’s house?

Ans. Yes.

Q.7 Is the video still available on the internet?

Ans. Yes. You can find short clips of the original video.

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