Kattsranch Reviews (Aug) Another Scam Site Or Legit One!

Kattsranch Reviews (Aug) Another Scam Site Or Legit One! >> Saw a website with prices so low it feels too good to be true? Read this article to know if it’s a hoax?

Consider shopping for one of your favourite past times? Do you look for the latest trends in the digital world? Several of us may be aware of newer websites providing exclusive offers to their products. Users might question any internet purchase as to its authenticity.

We stumbled upon one such website, Kattsranch, which specialises in a range of gaming devices, external hardware and electronic items. This Kattsranch Reviews will answer all your queries related to shopping from a new website and whether it’s safe or not for our buyers in the United States

What is Kattsranch Site?

Kattsranch is a website offering an extensive range of products. The portal deems perfect for gamers who would want to shop for the latest devices. A list is provided below so that our readers can have a clearer idea:

  • Projectors
  • Processors
  • Graphic Cards

The website has a plain layout which might not be suitable for shoppers. Although it might be easy to navigate through different items listed, a website needs to looks exciting to entice customers. Continue to read this post to find out, Is Kattsranch Legit or not. 

Specifications of  Kattsranch Website

  • Official URL- https://kattsranch.com/ 
  • Address: 3710 Laurel Street, New Orleans LA, 70115
  • Domain Created On – July 08, 2021
  • Products – Gaming Devices and Computer Hardware
  • Email Address –  contact@kattsranch.com Phone Number – +1 504-224-9472 
  • Payment  Modes – The online shop allows payments via VISA, Paypal, Stripe and Mastercard
  • Return- Any returns will be processed before 30 days of the order’s arrival.
  • Refund – For credit cards, it is within five to ten business days of being issued.
  • Exchange – Unavailable.
  • Shipping Details – Will be shipped within 5 to 8 business days of the purchase.
  • Delivery Charge – $3.85 shipping to the United States.
  • Social Media– No social media is linked on the website. 

Read this Kattsranch Reviews till the end to learn about its authenticity. 

Pros of shopping from Kattsranch 

  • Almost all the products are on sale.
  • There are multiple reviews from many users.
  • A dedicated section is provided to give feedback.
  • The listed products have a detailed description.
  • It accepts almost all kinds of payments.

Cons of shopping from Kattsranch 

  • There is no mention of the online shop’s social media platforms anywhere.
  • There is the use of repeated content. 
  • The website layout is messy and tedious.
  • The website is very new; hence not many shoppers are aware of its services.
  • Policies regarding the exchange of products is not mentioned.

Is Kattsranch Legit? 

We have tried our best to provide our readers with a precise and realistic overview of this website. Still, we have listed more information below to help them make a safe and fraud-free decision before purchasing on this website. We urge our readers to read them carefully as it can prove crucial to their shopping experience in the future: 

  • Domain Age – The site was created on July 08, 2021, which means it’s a very new website and susceptible to scams.
  • Trust Score – The website’s trust index is 1%, which is a major red flag.
  • Customer Feedback – There are many Kattsranch Reviews for some of the products and about the website, proving the site to be somewhat trustworthy.
  • Social Media – The webpage does not have links to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Email Address– An email address is made available for customers to contact, which indicates some legitimacy.
  • Owner’s Information- No details regarding the owner is present anywhere on the website.
  • Address – An address is mentioned on the website’s Contact Us section.
  • Policies- All shopping policies like a refund, return and shipping are explained well except the exchange policy.
  • Alexa Ranking- we could find no Alexa ranking online. 

Kattsranch Reviews 

Whenever we buy anything on the internet, it is essential to analyse before making any rash decisions. Scam websites are waiting to dupe wallets on a daily. In such cases, reviews are considered quite important to mark any website as legit. 

We are keeping this fact in mind, and with all the information we found about Kattsranch to be a suspicious website. Although there are many reviews listed along with the products, all the comments seem bot-like. If you have come across such scams read, Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card!

Final Verdict

Examining all the facts in this Kattsranch Reviews, we consider this website a scam and warn our readers to not shop with it. This website claiming to sell Computer Hardware is dangerous, and we advise our users to stay away from it. Read this article to Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed.

Have you ever shopped from Kattsranch.com? Let us know of your experience down in the comments. 

2 thoughts on “Kattsranch Reviews (Aug) Another Scam Site Or Legit One!”

  1. I wish I had read this review before I purchased anything from there. I thought I struck gold when I stumbled upon a 3080 ti for $829. Seller sent out a tracking number and everything, ‘cept I never received it. Thankfully I was able to file a dispute with PayPal, otherwise I would’ve been out almost $900. Kattsranch is a legit scam site.


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