Katie And Tom Vanderpump Rules {March} Why Separating?

Latest News Katie And Tom Vanderpump Rules

In the above article we have mentioned everything on Katie And Tom Vanderpump Rules casts divorce and all about their lifestyle. Follow our blog to know more.

If you are also a fan of the Vanderpump Rules series, You might also be in shock after hearing this latest news which is currently trending most on internet. This series is mainly broadcasted  in countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia

After 12 years of staying together, Katie And Tom Vanderpump Rules series cast made this announcement, as Katie wrote on her instagram handle, stating about her breakup with Tom Schwartz. 

Details about Tom and Katie:

Tom Schwartz was born in US on16th October 1982. He is one of the American reality series actor as well as a businessman who runs a Restaurant, A Bar, with his Buddies, Tom became prominent among audience after starring on the Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

Katie Maloney was born in Park city, Utah, US on 16th January 1987. She began her career as a Tv actress in 2008 and  is currently a popular Tv actress working in American reality show and is quite popular among Tv audiences. 

Katie And Tom From Vanderpump Rules, started dating each other. After casting in the famous reality series Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules in the year 2012, she decided to become a house wife.

Back in August 2016 the famous couple got married.

Did Katie and Tom Split?

Tom was asked in recent interview about his opinion on having kids where he answered that he loves babies want to have kids. But suddenly despite being together from last 12 years, The couple have decided to split, And also stated that the choice of divorce was not met with resentment or animosity.

The news about couples breakup are in air and is getting viral among their fans after katie’s recent instagram post stating the reason about her divorce.

Reason behind Katie And Tom Divorce Vanderpump Rules:

After 12 years of togetherness Katie and Tom have decided to part ways. According to our sources the exact reason that led to split is that katie feels that the fault is on tom and she has given several chances to tom to be better but he didn’t step up to the challenge of becoming a good husband and for now she is just focusing on her own happiness, something that wasn’t really prioritized in their marriage.

Katie And Tom Vanderpump Rules casts haven’t filed for divorce yet but they are taking their time as they are looking into what happens after that. But looks like they are quite convinced about their descision and both the persons have agreed to do so which we could find through Tom’s recent Instagram post stating his sadness after their descision.

The Conclusion:

Fans are just broken after their favourite couple have decided to part ways, to know more about and do visit- Katie and Tom Split for more information about their divorce.

We could obtain through our analysis stating the reasons about Katie And Tom Vanderpump Rules casts divorce and all about their lifestyle.

Are you also shattered after hearing about Katie and Tom split? Share your Opinions.

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