Kart Pyramid Reviews {July} Is This A Legitimate Site?


Do you want to know about an online platform with various electronics? If yes, then read the below article Kart Pyramid Reviews.

Are you looking for an online store with products for sale related to electronics? The name of the online store is Kart Pyramid, and according to the about us section of the website, it established itself in October 2020. It is one of the leading online destinations.

Kart Pyramid can be used for shopping in many countries, including the United States. So, without wasting much time, let’s come to the point and begin with the article Kart Pyramid Reviews.

About Kart Pyramid

Kart Pyramid is the name of an online platform that offers electronic products. The products available in Kart Pyramid are Air conditioners, robotic pool cleaners, trampolines, lawn movers, and many more. Kart Pyramid claims to have the best team, the world-class independent team. 

The best thing about Kart Pyramid is that it provides all information about its contacts, like the contact number, company address, and email support. So, if you are trying to contact Kart Pyramid and thinking of buying something from it, then let’s discuss that Is Kart Pyramid Legit.

Specifications of Kart Pyramid 

  • Domain Age – The date on which Kart Pyramid came on the internet is 30/05/2022. According to the date Kart Pyramid, it’s been only two months that Kart Pyramid has been on the internet.
  • URL Link – The URL Link of Kart Pyramid is https://kartpyramid.comEmail Address – The email support given by Kart Pyramid for customers is support@kartpyramid.com 
  • Company Address – The address of the company given on Kart Pyramid is 2301 Oregon St, CA 93306, USA
  • Contact Number – The number for contact given on Kart Pyramid is +1 (629) 995-4341.
  • Newsletter – The newsletter facility is given on Kart Pyramid.
  • Customer Reviews – There are no customer Kart Pyramid Reviews available on the internet.
  • Shipping Policy – In 3 to 7 business days, you will get your order at your place. 
  • Return and Refund Policy – Kart pyramid has 30 days return policy in which, within 30 days, you can return the product if you are not satisfied. 
  • Social Media Connections – Kart Pyramid is not connected with any social media platforms. 
  • Payment Methods – VISA, PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, and cash on delivery are the various payment methods provided by Kart Pyramid. 

Advantages of Kart Pyramid

  • Crucial and supportive information like email address, company address, and contact number is provided by Kart Pyramid. 

Disadvantages of Kart Pyramid 

  • There are no customer Kart Pyramid Reviews available on the website of Kart Pyramid.
  • Kart Pyramid has presented icons of social media accounts on the interface of their website, but none of them are working, which means Kart Pyramid does not have any page on social media.
  • In the market, the trust score and rank of Kart Pyramid are meager.
  • The address that Kart Pyramid gives seems to be fake. 
  • The products available with the Kart pyramid do not have a lot of variety.

Is Kart Pyramid Legit

  • Domain Age – The date on which Kart Pyramid came on the internet is 30/05/2022
  • Expiration Date – The date on which Kart Pyramid will be expired from the internet is 30/05/2023.
  • Trust Score – 42.5 out of 100 is the trust score of Kart Pyramid.
  • Trust Rank – 1% is the trust rank of Kart Pyramid. 
  • Address Originality – The address given on Kart Pyramid is not valid. 
  • Content Quality – The content on Kart Pyramid is maximum unique.
  • Owner Information – The owner’s information is not provided on Kart Pyramid.
  • Unrealistic Discounts – No such discounts can be seen on Kart Pyramid.
  • Social Media Connection – Kart Pyramid is not linked with any social media connection.

Customer Kart Pyramid Reviews

According to the online sources, there are no customer reviews available for the website Kart Pyramid. We have searched for customer reviews on various platforms, but none have reviews. Kart Pyramid is not even linked with any of the social media platforms. 

It has been only two months that Kart Pyramid has been on the internet, so it has stability issues as well. You need to be very careful before purchasing any product from Kart Pyramid. You can know how to keep your money safe from Credit Card fraud.


After reading the above article Kart Pyramid Reviewsyou might have guessed the legitimacy of Kart Pyramid. Kart Pyramid is a suspicious site that has many negative points. 

So, make sure that before buying any electronics from Kart Pyramid, you check everything. You can learn more about electronics

You can also know how to keep your money safe from PayPal fraud.

Do you know anything about the website? Please, read the above article and let us know your views in the comment section.

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