Kaiju Kings NFT {Feb 2022} Newly Launched Crypto Details!

In this post, we have discussed Kaiju Kingz, Kaiju Kings NFT, Kaiju Kingz community and their $RWASTE system.

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Many individuals in the United States are interested in learning more about the Kaiju Kingz, which is preparing to unveil its largest NFT project yet. So, in this article, we will discuss the Kaiju Kings NFT and all other details related to it for our readers.

What are Kaiju Kingz?

The Kaiju Kingz are larger than life pixelated creatures destroying cities near you. Our mission is to help outstanding creatives as well as developer breakthrough into NFTs, thereby expanding the Metaverse. 

The $RWASTE, continuously created by Genesis Kaiju Kingz, providing fuel for the DAO as well as utility for our Kaijuz, glows in the heart of their ecosystem. Destroy the late to make room for a new type of community known as the Kingz community. Let us know more about the Kaiju Kingz community and $RWASTE before learning more about what are Kaiju Kings NFT

About the Kaiju Kingz community:

The Kaiju Kingz community’s mission is to work together to create, defend, and govern. Kaiju Kingz is there to assist in the creation of Web3 as well as other creatives, with a particular emphasis on the NFT ecosystem. 

What is $RWASTE? 

The $RWASTE or Radioactive Waste shines in the middle of the KaijuKing community, originating from deep beneath Augmented Labs. Kaiju Kingz transforming the initiative into a massive force far greater than the usual NFT program Kaiju Kingz now has the ability to grow greater than ever before because of the energy given by radioactive waste.

About Kaiju Kings NFT 

Kaiju Kingz starts out its adventure with a unique auction of Legendary Mighty Kaiju Kingz. Exactly ten of these mythological monsters exist, and they’re all one-of-a-kind which is a special and limited edition Kaijuz with distinct animations. One Legendary Kaiju, the Mecha Kaiju, will be reserved only for holders of the owner’s cards. 

Only one of these unique Legendaries will be hidden in the Kaiju Kingz inaugural mint for a lucky degen to uncover. The last eight Kaiju Kingz will be bought off again. Every one of the Kaiju Kingz has been minted. The Kaiju Kingz DAO will receive half of the cash raised through the Kaiju Kings NFT auction and other secondary sales.

The Kaiju Kingz DAO community will use the cash raised to determine how Genius Grants will be used, who would be eligible to receive these NFTs, and when they will take place. Ambitious and aspiring developers can apply for funding to help them get the tools they need to realize their ideas.


The Kaiju Kingz community are unleashing their biggest and most exclusive launch ever. These Non Fungible Tokens are one-of-a-kind and unique. Visit the Kaiju Kingz official website to know more about the Kaiju Kingz community and their NFTs. 

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