June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews (Aug) Is This Legit?

Read the article to get June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews so that you and your loved ones can look forward to the next exciting getaway. 

Are you looking forward to summers and exotic beach days with your loved ones? Then this article is dedicated to you. One of the best destressing places for most people, especially from Canada, Australia, and the United Stateshappens to the beach. 

However, not all beach experiences are serene as it sounds due to the lack of comfortable and pocket-friendly motels to stay. And that’s why June Motel started with an initiative to change the game. So, let’s find out with June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews if it is worth the hype. 

All About the June Motel 

The venture was started by two friends April Brown and Sarah Sklash. They both shared the love for discovering new travel destinations, and creative designs. Their first venture started in 2016 when they willingly quit their respective jobs and took a combined decision to purchase a small motel in Prince Edward County. 

Hence, Prince Edward County’s origin point became one of the motels they run today, with another at Sauble Beach. The establishment aims to give their customers all the opportunities to enjoy simple things in life with style. Therefore, let’s see if they succeeded with their aim and Is June Motel Sauble Beach Legit

Specifications of the Website

  • The official website URL for June Motels is https://thejunemotel.com/pages/sauble-beach.
  • According to the search, creators created the domain on 11/08/2016, and the expiry date is 11/08/2022. Thus, making the domain age as 5 Years 19 Days. 
  • The website falls under the category of Hospitality. 
  • The email provided on the website for Sauble Beach is SaubleBeach@thejunemotel.com
  • The address for the Sauble Beach that the establishment provided on the website is 11 Sauble Falls Pky, Sauble Beach, ON, N0H2G0. 
  • The contact number for June Motel Sauble Beach is not provided on the website. 
  • Considering the June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews, the payment modes are GPay and ShopPay. 
  • According to the website, you can make the return within 14 days of the delivery of the product.  
  • The refund takes several business days once they approve the return of the product. 
  • The website cannot provide direct exchange; hence, customers have to place the new order online after returning the original order. 
  • There is a shipping fee, and the website is known to ship their products to Canada and America. 
  • The delivery of the product may take several business days. 
  • June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews found that the website has Social Media Presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 
  • The website has a blog that interested individuals can check out.

Advantages of the Website

  • The website provides the best deals for customers looking for a beach getaway. 
  • The website is established and has an old domain age which is a good sign. 
  • The customer review about the website and its services is all positive. 
  • User-friendly interface and shipping are available throughout America and Canada. 

Disadvantages of the Website

  • The direct exchange for the products is currently unavailable. 
  • The motels have no pet policy, and there is a specific time for check-in and check-out. 
  • Services are available only in limited places. 

Is June Motel Sauble Beach Legit?

The biggest question that is imposed on us was how genuine the website was. Hence we collected the information to help you decide if this establishment is what it says to be.

  • According to the information about the website, the domain age of the website is found to be 5 Years 19 Days. 
  • The expiry date of the domain was next in question, and we found that it was 11/08/2022. However, sometimes the websites do extend the expiry date because of the success of the venture. 
  • The June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews found website’s trust score was an average, 76% and the trust rank is 85.4 out of 100. 
  • According to the search on the address provided, the address was original. 
  • The website mentions the owner and has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 
  • The website has plenty of customer reviews available on different platforms. 
  • The content on the website showed some amount of plagiarism in the written content. 

Customers’ June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews

The website has a string of positive reviews online for its services and maintenance. The customers sing praises for the food and vibe of the room. The room was clean and had a retro Hawaiian aura. The customer also mentioned that the check-in was contactless, as promised. But we have received some of the negative reviews also, wherein people do not recommend the services. 

So, all-in-all, there are mixed reviews. Learn here about the credit card scams.

Let us conclude our post on June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews in the upcoming section. 

The Final Verdict 

If we have to collect our thoughts on this website, we would say that the initiative looks good. The information gathered about the website shows that it has been around for some years now and has done somewhat good on its promise to provide the best experience for the customers. 

However, we would still ask the interested individuals to do their research before jumping to any conclusion, as we have received mixed reviews on social media. Learn here about the PayPal scams

What do you feel about the June Motel initiative? Let us know in the comment section of these June Motel Sauble Beach Reviews.

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