Jumbo Bean Reviews (Jan 2022) Is The Product Legit?

The article will tell you about a new product with an exciting discount, and you will find out what the buyers are saying about it in the Jumbo bean Reviews.

Do you dream of sitting on a cloud and enjoying your free time? Though this cannot be a reality ever, there is something that claims to take you closest to the feeling of sitting on a cloud. 

Sitting on a super comfortable soft, fluffy couch and relaxing is the ideal concept of having a good time. The United States has a product to offer that is completely following this concept. Please read the full Jumbo Bean Reviews to learn more about it.

Overview of the Product

Jumbo Bean is a huge bean bag made out of microfiber. The product is available in two different sizes. Its outer skin has a soft velvety texture to provide ultra-comfort. It also comes in several colors so that you can choose your favorite one. 

The cover material of the product is made in such a way that it will give you warmth in winter and comfort in summer. The product claims to make you so cozy that you will feel like sitting on a cloud. The Jumbo Bean Reviews will let us know about the validity of this claim. 

The product also says that it has no chance of discoloration. Currently, you can have a 70% discount on the price of this product due to clearance sales. Because of its manufacturing technology, the bean bag never loses its shape.

Product Specifications

  • Get Your Hands on the Product Here: https://getjumbobean.com 
  • Product Type: Bean bag
  • Product Size: The item is available in two different sizes. One is 57x57x29.5 inches, and the other is 81x81x31.5 inches
  • Color of the Product: The item is available in several colors
  • Jumbo Bean Reviews: The website has mixed reviews about the item
  • Filling Material: The bean bag is filled with a blend of memory foam
  • Suitable For: It can support the pressure of multiple people
  • Washing Instruction: the covers of the bag are machine washable
  • Retail Price: $109
  • Discounted Price: Due to clearance sale, the product has 70% off on its price, and the discounted price is $49
  • Maintenance Guide: The covers are easy to change
  • Return Offer: The product offers 2 weeks’ return period with a full refund and no extra charge
  • Social Media Accounts: The product’s social media links are associated with the official accounts of Shopify.

Advantages as per the Jumbo Bean Reviews

  • The cover is machine washable
  • Multiple people can use it at the same time
  • A discount offer is available
  • The product is available in various sizes and colors

List of Disadvantages

  • Only a single mode of payment is available
  • The product does not own any individual official account
  • The actual price of the product is quite high
  • Mixed reviews are seen on the official account
  • The brand name and its popularity are unknown

What Is the Product’s Reliability?

  • Brand Name: Unknown
  • Brand Age: 24 days only
  • Details of Registration: 29-10-2021
  • Owners’ Information: No information is seen
  • Jumbo Bean Reviews: Mixed reviews are available on the official site
  • Trust Index: 1%
  • The popularity of Brand: Not known
  • Details of Address: There is no address found
  • Contact Information: +44 7377543933 for UK and +1 (833) 852-6258 for US customers
  • Social Media Presence: the product is associated with the social media accounts of Shopify

Despite the product’s attractive appearance, the details about it put its reliability at stake. The legitimacy checkpoints do not portray a positive reputation of the product.

What Are the Customers Saying?

While going through the customers’ opinions on the official site, we learned that most customers had expressed their satisfaction with the purchase. However, the Jumbo Bean Reviews have a mixed nature due to some comments which are not so happy with the bean bag.

Someone also remarked that the item does not have sufficient filling in it. However, the positive reviews have outnumbered such comments. But we cannot say how reliable the comments are because there is no review on social media. Know about how to How to Check the Legitimacy of Products.

Final Verdict

Apparently, the jumbo bean bag looks very attractive, and the discount offer is also there to lure customers even more. But we can’t ignore the fact that it has several negative attributes as well. Do you find Jumbo Bean Reviews helpful? Do you want to buy this Jumbo Bean? Please share your comments below.

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  1. I’ve been trying to get ahold of them due over 2 weeks and the live is always busy won’t even ring once. I ordered a bean bag over 2 months ago and still haven’t received it and they already took the money from my account.

    • Hello Andrea Sullivan, hearing such incidents makes us feel nervous. Did you get any confirmation mail? No answer from them seems doubtful. It is always better to go for a refund. You check with the payment company; however, you paid the amount. They can guide you. Please let us know the details. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.

      • Took the payment from my credit card and it’s going on 2 months and haven’t been able to get in touch with the company. Telephone line is always busy or voicemail saying to send them an email and they will contact in 24 hrs. No such luck. Very disappointed in them due to the fact these were to be Xmas gifts

        • Hello Beverly sanders, we feel bad, these were the gifts, and you did not get the product. It’s a long-time backorder. You can try for a refund. Check with the payment company, however, you paid it. Please update. Thanks.

    • Hello Tina, How much did you invest? When did you place an order? We feel sad, you did not receive it. Check if it comes, an else better option to take a refund. Please update us. The buyers will be aware of checking your update. Be careful. Thanks.

  2. I ordered on November21st 2021 and still have not received my order!!!!! How ever they received the payment!!!!I have tried emailing with no response!!!
    there is no number to contact them!!!! I purchased this as a Christmas gift. Do not advertise if you cannot fill the orders or reply to emails!!!!


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