Julielly Reviews {Aug} Is It A Scam Site Or A Legit One?

Have you been experiencing difficulty in finding legit Julielly Reviews? You will find the legitimacy status of Julielly.com in this article. 

Are you inspecting the necessary authenticity pointers for the online store, Julielly.com? Do you want to expose the originality of Julielly.com? According to the latest survey, purchasing items and transacting money on shopping portals has become risky since fraudsters are troubling several United States people. 

So, these days, buyers want a complete overview of the latest portals to be safe. Therefore, today, we will investigate Julielly Reviews to give you a fair summary of Julielly.com. 

About This Shopping Portal 

When we looked at the website, we determined that it has listed several dresses, gardening, daily necessities, beauty and fashion products, etc. Furthermore, the About Us section announced that Julielly was discovered in 2014 in Shenzhen, China, and it had become a massive company within two years. 

In addition, the website exposed that it became famous by improving brand awareness, which helped it grow further. Also, the portal mentioned believing its high-quality brand sold under a friendly budget. So, let us concentrate below to find further details connected to Julielly.com. 

Analyzing Vital Specifications To Monitor Is Julielly Legit?

  • While surveying, we observed the website’s official URL is https://www.julielly.com. 
  • Our investigation hinted that Julielly.com sells dresses, wreaths, fashion and beauty items, etc. 
  • The website declared to credit the refund in the buyer’s account within some days. 
  • The inquiry found the address is 108, Cube Building, Monahan Road, Cork, Cork, T12 H1XY, Republic of Ireland. 
  • The shipping and processing time indicates the delivery time, but it might fluctuate due to the Covid pandemic. 
  • We filtered no hints on the telephone number. 
  • The deficiency of the newsletter option is found.  
  • The email address discovered from the portal is service@julielly.com. 
  • The Julielly Reviews investigation noticed that the website accepts payments through PayPal, JCB, American Express, etc. 
  • According to the website, the shoppers have only 15 days to apply for a return.
  • Our investigation highlighted the shipping time is 7 to 20 days.
  • We learned that Julielly.com was established on 18-09-2021, denoting that it is 11 months and 4 days old. 
  • Our survey noticed the presence of only a Pinterest icon. 
  • Upon researching, we found that the buyer must contact through the email address to exchange only defective items.

Benefits Discovered

  • The email address is stated. 
  • We noted the presence of address details.
  • Our survey on Julielly Reviews declared that the Pinterest icon is seen. 

Drawbacks Spotted Within Julielly.com

  • Our examination discovered that Trustpilot contained no comments, raising doubts. 
  • The inquiry found no phone number details.
  • We retrieved no option of a newsletter facility over Julielly.com. 

Is Julielly Skeptical?

  • Unrealistic Rebates– After researching, we noted that this online store provides meagre and unreal discounts on products that may turn into a trap to harm anyone. 
  • Portal Freezing Date– We estimated the cessation date of Julielly.com is 18-09-2023. 
  • Trust Rank– The research discovered an average 58.4/100 Trust Rank value. 
  • Alexa Rank– No Alexa Rank value was retained, increasing doubts on Is Julielly Legit?
  • Buyers’ Views– We noted no customers’ comments or opinions on Trustpilot. Also, after investigating Facebook, we found that the site has no page, creating colossal suspicion. 
  • Site Age– 18-09-2021 is the launch date of Julielly.com and is surveyed as being 11 months and 4 days old. 
  • Policies– The information given is seen to be copied and has no uniqueness, thereby raising many questions on its legitimacy.  
  • Trust Score– 33% value is encountered upon researching the website’s trust score. 
  • Social Network Icons– Only the active Pinterest icon is found during the survey. 
  • Plagiarization– According to our Julielly Reviews survey and threads, the content supplied is duplicated from other problematic portals, thus, increasing the probability of being a cheater platform. 
  • Address Authenticity– We found the address presented was also noted in other suspicious shopping sites.
  • Bulk-Buying Feature– The investigation discovered the availability of this option.

What Are Legit Comments Found For Julielly.com?

We noted the absence of reliable reviews on Trustpilot or other reviewing platforms. Also, we haven’t seen its official Facebook page and no reviews on the site. Therefore, the portal has many defects compared to positive factors. Collect preventive methods information on PayPal scams here

The Bottom Line

This writing on Julielly Reviews investigated the website and marked it as questionable and suspicious. As this portal is quite old and still has many defects, we can’t find it trustworthy now. Read salient hints on credit card tricks here. Grab informative evidence on wreaths here

Has Julielly.com cheated you? If yes, please explain your experience below. 

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