Juelliar Reviews {April} Check Is This Website Scam?

Juelliar Online Website Reviews

Do you love to buy the items in the sale? Here you can touch on other points like shopper’s Juelliar Reviews.

Are you looking for women’s jewelry? Do you want to buy the gifts for your mother? Hopefully, you can find the points for the same so connected till the end. Nowadays, most people prefer to buy items online to avoid the offline market rush. 

So, we noticed a considerable number of podiums available online in many countries like Canada and the United States, which offer a collection of items for all types of the people. Here we are introducing a new website for the womens that holds a collection of footwear, jewelry, and much more. Let us move ahead to check the shopper’s Juelliar Reviews.

What is Juelliar?

Juelliar is the new and best podium where you can collect the gifts for your mother, sister, friend, etc. you can buy the products the worldwide. It is currently serving items like footwear, jewelry, accessories, and so on at a discount as the big discount sale is on the website. So the prices of the items are very reasonable.

Here you can make your payment for your cart online in different modes. All other facilities like return/ refunds are also available with a few terms and conditions.

So check all the details and be sure about: Is Juelliar Legit or a scam?

Feature Of Juelliar 

  • The website URL is https://www.julliar.com/.
  • The website has shared the email address, i.e., support@dndecom.com.
  • The website has shared the contact number for the customer care, i.e., +852 5212 7514.
  • It has not provided the newsletter facilities.
  • It has also shared the company address for a direct visit, i.e., San Francisco, CA 94104 USA.
  • It serves the products for the womens like footwear, jewelry, etc., in a big sale and prices are almost half or less than half.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have no pages, as links are available in the description of the products on the website.
  • Shopper’s Juelliar Reviews are visible on the main website page on the particular items, and all are favorable with a five-star rating.
  • You can pay here by paypal, VISA, MasterCard, etc.
  • The website is secured by HTTPs and SSL integration.
  • You can apply here for the exchange, return, and refund within seven days after reaching your location.

Favorable Aspects

  • The website offers stylish and different look items in the footwear collection and jewelry items.
  • Presently discount coupons are available on the website, so prices are very reasonable.
  • User’s Juelliar Reviews are extant on the main page, which is helpful for the following users.
  • All the communication facilities, like contact number, company address, etc., are available, so there is no issue in the communication.

Unfavorable Aspects

  • It has shared the fake company address as not showing on the google map.
  • The website is too new in the market, so there were no feedback available on the trust pilot.
  • It offers a significantly less number of items.

For other details and make sure about the website, move ahead to check legitimacy.

Is Juelliar Legit or a scam? 

  • The website has launched on 16/02/2022.
  • The website will expire on 16/022023.
  • It secures a significantly less trust rank, i.e., 14.6, and has a below-average trust index, i.e., 2%.
  • Available content on the portal looks plagiarized.
  • Owner information is not available anywhere.
  • Social media activity is entirely off, so there is no traffic, no publicity.
  • User feedback is available only on the website, not even on the trust pilot.

Moreover, the website is questionable as we considered the details mentioned above. So please do research well and then start your shopping.

Shopper’s Juelliar Reviews

Juelliar is the shopping portal for women at a significant discount, and the products are unique and stylish. We explore the website and then found favorable feedback on the webpage, but there are no feedbacks available on the trust pilot or the other pages, so we can not verify the portal.

Before starting shopping, please make sure about the website and check how to secure your money from credit card scams.


Finally, we are on the final verdict. Here are a few points that conclude the post like new domain time, bad trust rank, poor trust index, unrealistic company address, products like footwear etc, favorable shopper’s Juelliar Reviews available, discount available, and much more points.

Please check and be aware of the way Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed. Are you using any items from this portal? Please write down your thoughts in the below points.

2 thoughts on “Juelliar Reviews {April} Check Is This Website Scam?

  1. Ordered a pair of sandals …”Trending Summer Leather Adjustable Orthopedic Sandals”.
    The quality & workmanship is really bad. There are gobs of glue on the sole; the Velcro clasp
    is sewn off center; the “leather???” is really thin – looks like it would tear on the first wearing;
    they smell bad – like a plastic smell when you go into a cheap shoe store.
    Because I live in Canada the price for these shoes was approx. $79.00 Cdn. They are not worth it!
    They look, feel & smell like a $20.00 shoe.
    On -line ordering is not what it’s been cracked up to be.

    1. Hello Dixie Jones, thanks for the detailed message. Did you try to check where it’s delivered? These are the tricks they use and earn money. Buyers, be aware of such portals and go for a genuine one.

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