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Read about the tragic case of Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach and what the aftermath has been

High school life is when young students find themselves and are in their prime of life. You create long-lasting bonds and aim to bring pride to your school community. However, frequent tragedies occur in the United States that can lead to shock and mourning for the loss of loved ones. One such recent incident is Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach, which people are reeling through currently. This article uncovers what happened to Josh Page and respects this young man.

Who was Josh Page? 

Josh Page was an 18-year-old star football player and student at Edison High School. He was one of the more famous personalities in his high school and was known for his sizeable-hearted personality. However, many of his peers have called him a complete goofball akin to a giant teddy bear. After high school, Page planned to join the Navy and be an underwater welder.

Fatal collision of Josh Page Huntington Beach 

It was a day just like any other when Josh Page and his younger brother Jeremy were driving in their Ford 250 when there was a significant collision with a Silverado. The incident occurred at an intersection in the Newland street area and rendered Josh dead on the spot. 

The investigation by police.

The car was registered on the city’s official website, which has led the Irvine Police Department to take the lead investigator in the case. Based on the preliminary reports, no alcohol or drugs have been found in the system. However, the point is still relatively fresh and investigated thoroughly to ensure no foul play was involved.

Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach

An immediate shock and outpouring occurred to the news of this tragedy, with many setting up candlelight vigils to show their feelings. He was supposed to play a game on Monday against the Capistrano Valley High School but was canceled. Instead, his peers have come out to the media and talked about their stories of what a bright soul Josh Page was. Mayor Barbara Delgleize issued a statement and met with the parents of students of Edison high school.

How can you get involved?

There are still many aspects not clear about the case of Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach. The Irvine police department has given out the information of Det. Roberto Solis at (949) 724-7024. If you have any information or know anyone who witnessed the collision, don’t hesitate to contact them to investigate the case better. You can also show up at a vigil and show your support for the beautiful soul that was Josh Page.


When an unspeakable tragedy occurs, there are often questions about why they suffered. It makes us question our place in the world and realize how precious every moment is with our loved ones. So, unfortunately, the life of Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach was taken away from the world far too quickly. However, his impact on everyone around him will be something that the community will remember for a long time.

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