Joe Biden and Easter Bunny {April} Know Details Here!

This news was a complete insight about the conference of Joe Biden and Easter Bunny when she stopped Biden from answering reporters’ questions.

During Monday’s briefing, have you seen the Easter Bunny in the press conference at the White House? Do you know why Psaki added the comment “no more Bunny business”? If you want to know more, read below further.

After the annual event at the White House press conference, people from the United States were surprised with the guest appearance of white Bunny on Monday’s schedule! Specified below also mentions why the Bunny did not speak before Psaki.

Look into more details about the speakers that occupied the annual White House meeting before Joe Biden and Easter Bunny.

Joe and Easter Bunny Details

On the 18th of April 2022, a conference about the Easter Bunny was scheduled in the Washington white house. The event included the theme of egg-curation among the audience. While the announcements were made in public, Biden was trying to answer the issues of reporters about Afghanistan and Pakistan.

As soon as the questions arrived by the reporters, the largest Easter Bunny-dressed person stopped Biden to answer the questions. It was also a surprise when the Easter Bunny entered this seminar in the afternoon and blessed the audience with Easter wishes.

Read below more about the incidents between Joe Biden and the Easter Bunny.

Did the President plan the surprise?

It was easy to identify that there might be questions about visiting Ukraine and arguments about when Pakistan and Afghanistan issues during the press. For removing the answer time on such issues, the staff came up with the idea of covering the scenario with the help of the Easter Bunny and the Easter theme.

All along with the present, with Joe, he helped avoid all the scenarios and answers of reporters. However, as planned, Bunny was also present during the White House press conference on the 18th of April to make a peaceful visit and entertain children with the new Easter season.

Fun Facts about Joe Biden and Easter Bunny

  • Before the conference and White House meeting, the Easter Bunny bought vegan chocolates for the first lady and President.
  • Many dairy-free chocolates and traditional sweets were also bought as a celebration treat to promote the eastern tradition.
  • Ready to dye eggs were also kept safe for celebrating an eco-friendly festival with many cheerful people.
  • In support of PETA, the information about animal rights and the safety of animal exploitation was influenced with the help of Bunny.
  • The Easter Bunny provided a speech about the egg roll celebration as an annual tradition.

Why is Joe Biden and the Easter Bunny Trending?

The surprising character of the Easter Bunny was designed to celebrate Easter among children with enormous wishes on television. The Bunny and the President were present at the speech and provided a healthy message.


In conclusion, this news specifies the launch of Easter annual traditions, for children on Monday at the White House. Kicking off the first Easter roll egg after 2 years in Joe’s presidency, they included egg-curation. 

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