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Have you heard of Jessica Meyers? The ongoing defamation trial of actor Johnny Depp continued the cross-examination on Monday. The actor stood against her ex-wife on the fourth day of trial. Amber Heard’s lawyer Ben Rottenborn read some negative headlines about Depp and asked him a few questions. The ex-couples were popular in many countries, including the United States.

On Monday, some recordings and texts were displayed. Attorney Jessica Meyer also presented some contexts. Let’s move further to know about Jessica Meyers Attorney.

Who is Jessica Meyers?

Jessica Meyer is a Firm’s Arbitration & Litigation Practice Group’s associate. She gives her best to prove her clients non-guilty. Jessica graduated from the School of Law Boston University. She currently focuses on defamation suits, business torts, contract disputes, and claims related to bankruptcy. Jessica is a renowned lawyer representing Johnny Depp in his ongoing trial.

Jessica was presented in the court on Monday as one of Johnny’s attorneys. She has gone through a process where she read several chats and recordings and his client, Depp, has the clarification. There were numerous audio clips and texts that were presented in the court.

Jessica Meyers lawyer

On Monday, several clips were played, and Heard’s lawyer asked Depp multiple questions. After answering the question, Depp returned to Jessica Meyer, one of his attorneys. Jessica played multiple audio clips, re-read various texts, and asked Depp to give more context.

 She read a text from 2013 in which Depp texted actor Paul Bettany that “let’s burn Amber” and referenced a ‘burnt corpse’ to her. The actor regretted last week’s testimony for using this language and responded that Bettany and his bond is over his sense of humor. They were texting these with reference to the burning witches sketch by Monty python.

Jessica Meyers Attorney

Jessica then asked about the term “Monster” that was repeatedly used, to which Amber said it describes Johnny at his worst. Depp responded that Amber coined it, and it defines the struggle he has been through to stay sober for him.

In addition, in another audio clip, Depp was heard saying that he needs space and wants to leave, and Amber started crying and said he was causing stress. Depp repeatedly said that he never hit his wife, Amber Heard, and he was broken at the end of the relationship.

As per Jessica Meyers Attorney,  Depp specifically sued Amber Heard over against op-ed for $50 million. According to Depp, the op-ed was published two years after Amber filed for divorce, and blaming him for physical abuse, has ruined his career.


The article elaborates on actor Johnny Depp’s lawyer Jessica Meyers. She is a well-known lawyer and does her best to prove her clients innocent. She is an experienced lawyer and attorney. Currently Jessica is presenting Depp’s defamation case. You can visit this link to learn about Jessica.

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