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Are you guys interested in knowing about the life of international players and are fond of watching dramas and films based on them? If yes, then today we have big news for you. The famous Australian basketball player and a basketball executive have raised an issue in drafting Magic Johnson’s role in the drama “Winning Time “.   

Are you excited to know more about this news trending in the United States and what is true or not? Then keep reading this article Jerry West Lakers Coach till the end.

Who is Jerry West?

Jerry West’s full name is Jerome Alan West. He is not an ordinary man. Instead, he is an American Player Executive of Basketball and was a former player also. He played with NBA, whose complete form is National Basketball Association, in Los Angeles Lakers. He is also famous with the name Mr. Cutch, and this name has been given to him for his brilliant ability to play in a clutch situation. 

Jerry West is a famous player worldwide, including in the United States. A new drama series has been launched by HBO in which Jerry West is a crucial role played by Magic Johnson. 

If you want to know more about this series, keep reading Jerry West Lakers Coach.

About Winning Time

Winning Time is a Sports Drama of America created by Max Borenstein, accompanied by Jim Hecht. This drama is based on a book whose name is Showtime. This drama has ten series, the same as the book because it is based on the book only. This drama series premium happened on 6th March.

The full name of this drama is “Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty”. So as the name suggests, this drama or series shows the struggle of the Lakers, a basketball team that how they came up in their field and got fame.

Jerry West Lakers Coach

This series has been trending among all these citizens of America, and the main reason behind this is that in this series, Magic Johnson plays a vital role, and Jerry West does not agree with this, as per the sources. 

Sources say that Jerry west has a problem with the way Johnson smiles and his height. He is refusing to draft Magic Johnson further in the series.

It has become a matter of concern as Jerry West is not an ordinary man, and his opinion can’t be ignored or neglected. Jerry West also claims that the behavior he was showing in this series is not correct. He has a different personality which he carries.

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The Bottom Line

HBO is a huge platform, and the drama recently launched on it is also significant for the public as it has the journey of one of the essential basketball teams, the Lakers. So, whatever Jerry West is stating about his role in the drama, the owner has to look into it. 

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