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Do you want to know about the condition of Jerry Jones? Do you want to know about the car crash accident? If yes, get the brief car crash report from this article.

The car crash of the cowboy, jerry jones and taken to the hospital, said reports. The car crash happened on Wednesday night in the United States.The cowboy gets serious injuries in this crash. If you want to get complete details, read the Jerry Jones Car Accident article.

Cowboy owner in a car crash

A car crash happened late Wednesday night in which a 79-year-old cowboy was involved. The cowboy’s name was jerry jones, who suffered badly on Wednesday night because of involvement in a car crash in Dallas. After that, he takes to the hospital for treatment. Jerry’s son, Stephen Jones, told the press after the hospitalization that his father was now fine after suffering from a minor car accident, and now he is in condition to go back home.

Emergency crews reached the accident spot after 8 pm on Wednesday. Jerry Jones is considered a rich man as per the Jerry Jones Net Worth 2022 is 1,230 Crores USD. Many reports are done at the hospital to analyze whether he gets internal injuries. After so many investigations made by the police officials, it was difficult to determine whether jerry jones was the driver or a passenger in the car. 

Jones has stayed at the hospital for some time, recovering well. 

Statements after the discharge of jerry jones from the hospital

  • The executive vice president of cowboy or the son of jerry jones, named Stephen jones gave a positive report about his dad and said that he recovered soon from accident injuries in the Jerry Jones Car Accident
  • After somedays of the accident, when he recovers, he is discharged by his son and goes back home, said the Dallas morning news. 
  • His condition is all good now, said younger jones in the morning news.
  • The car crash comes just after 4 days when jones led the cowboy brain trust via the NFL draft.
  • All details of the tenure in Dallas are handover to Jerry Jones.
  • The 79-year-old man, jerry jones, became part of the entire pre-draft process this year.
  • Also, he missed the NFL 2022 because of minor accident injuries, said by the ESPN.

Reports on the Jerry Jones Car Accident

As per the reports, jerry jones was taken to the hospital after a car crash accident for treatment so he could recover from minor injuries that he got in this crash accident. Here he was taking better treatments to recover as soon as possible. After some time, he was discharged from the hospital and returned home. His son, Stephen jones, said to the daily reports that he is now fine.


This article gives you complete information about the accident of jerry jones. We gathered all the news reports and statements made by jerry’s son and other media reports.

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