Jericho Turnpike Accident {May} Reveal The Recent News!

The below article contains complete info about the death of the spot for the Jericho Turnpike Accident.

Have you heard about the recent news of a driver who killed 3 girls in a car accident! Do you want to know the reason for such an incident? If yes, then read below for more info!

After hearing about the incident, people from the United States are more concerned. Officers solve the rules regarding awareness of accident cases. Read below more about the details of the Jericho Turnpike Accident.

Why did the incident occur?

The incident was reported on the eastbound lane in front of 214 near the Jericho Turnpike. Celebrated in the 2012 Mercedes-Benz sedan, it was occupied by only one driver. The driver caused deep injury for 3 girls while being drunk. The after-party was why the girls were travelling to different places; however, they were hit by a car at midnight.

Near 11:10 pm, other people got hospitalized at the new Hyde Park on Long Island. The crash near the central park was reported by a hotel worker nearby. She called the police and told them about the 22-year-old guy who killed the Girls. Read below more about the Jericho Turnpike Accident reports.

How many passengers were affected by the crash?

There were 3 women in total killed at midnight in the central lane. Just after they were leaving for the party of sweet 16, they met with an accident on Sunday. Dante Lennon was the man that was responsible for the death of the 3 girls hospitalized by the Nassau Country Police Department. 

One of them died during the act itself, and others were also in a great dilemma. Moreover, the people nearby Lincoln were severely affected. The driver, along with other passengers, was also hospitalized.

Court’s Response to Jericho Turnpike Accident

The court of Vehicular Manslaughter was presented by the cops there. The case took a turn of rage for students. The driver and passengers were asked to be in prison after the stability of hospital medicines and treatment of the body!

Court’s Proposed Action

The court has ordered the showtime to be strict and safe so that such students won’t be affected. The 6 people dragged along the crash were given compensation and asked for medical improvement until and unless the driver was sent to jail. 

All over the westbound, the protection was settled to look after every vehicle and calculate the travel situation. The reason specification was done to protect the limited areas of parties.

Jericho Turnpike Accident: Why is Trending?

The news gets trending when a lady shows up as a witness to the accident from a nearby restaurant. She claims that she works near table no.7 and saw all the incidents. The statement helped cops well enough.


Based on internet research, this news speaks about the disturbing news where the 3 girls were killed due to drunk driving case. In the Huntington lanes, the case was supported by cops and caught hold of the driver.

Comment your opinion below about the view of the witness lady! Do you think the Jericho Turnpike Accident was explained well?

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