Jellyfish Wacky Wizards (Sep 2021) Game Realated Facts!

We will read about the Jellyfish Wacky Wizards potion and the feature of the whacky wizards Roblox game.

Are you also a die heart fan of the Roblox game? And you want to keep yourself updated with all the latest news related to Roblox. You surely reached the right place because here we are going to read about the Jellyfish Wacky Wizards feature of the Roblox game and every essential detail related to it.

This jellyfish feature of the game is getting very famous worldwide, especially in countries like the United States, so stay tuned and read this article till the end to grasp all the knowledge about this feature.

What Are Wacky Wizards?

It is a Roblox game created by the whacky wizards, and this game is mainly used for combining all the different ingredients so that we can brew different kinds of potions in the game in a wizard pot. And further, these drinks can be used to drink in the game depending on the ingredients.

Where To Find Jellyfish Wacky Wizards?

After researching how and where we can find this jellyfish, we learned that this special ingredient could be found out with the help of Glinda, the witch in the game. While finding the jellyfish, we need to exchange some special ingredients with Glinda.

After that, Glinda will reward you with some of the witches brews, which you need to use further in the game while finding the jellyfish. We can obtain the jellyfish only when we reach the top of the waterfall. And to reach the waterfall, we need to use any of the flying potions and then get the Jellyfish Wacky Wizards.

How To Create Jellyfish Potion?

After knowing and reading about where to find the jellyfish, let us learn how to create the jellyfish potion. To create a jellyfish potion, we just need two ingredients: one pool needle and one fish. To catch the fish, we need to move towards the area of the waterfall, and then once you reach there, you need to dive down and swim forward to the waterfall to catch the fish.

After getting the Jellyfish Wacky Wizards and another ingredient, we need to put both the ingredients into the cauldron and then start brewing our potion to obtain the jellyfish potion. After you have created the jellyfish potion, you can transform yourself into jellyfish and enjoy all the features of jellyfish. These are all the essential details that you need to know about jellyfish and the jellyfish potion.


In this article, we have learnt about the Roblox game and all the essential features related to the Jellyfish Wacky Wizards. Wehave also discussed creating a jellyfish potion in the game while using only two ingredients.

Have you ever used the jellyfish potion? If yes, then share your experience in the below-given box.

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