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Citizens of the United States are interested in playing crossword games. However, the Crossword is popular across the world. 

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Jean Smart Crossword Clue

Jean Smart is a New York Times wordle game or mini crossword game. Mini Crossword of the New York Times is a brand new online game. Everyone can play this interesting word game. Many people find it hard to find out the answer. 

But it becomes interesting once the answer is found. If someone does not have the answer can use the clue available on the internet. New York Times includes various games. These are Crosswords, Sudoku, etc. A part of these games is free. But to play the full game, one has to pay. The answer for Jean Smart Wordle is Hacks. 

Wordle- a brief-

Wordle, an online word game, which is developed by famous software Engineer named Josh Wardle. Josh developed this game for his companion. But the game became widespread on social media, and gamers worldwide started to play the game. Later the New York Times acquired the game for a whopping amount of money. 

The players have to find out a five-letter word. People can take the help of a dictionary as well. People are given six chances to guess the word. The game is available in many languages other than English language.  

How to Play Jean Smart Wordle?

Players have to guess a word to play the wordle game. They are given six chances to guess the word. The word consists of five letters. Players have to place the correct letters in the appropriate place. 

If a letter is correct and put in the right place, then the letter will go green. If the letter is accurate but place in the incorrect place, it will turn yellow, and if the letter is incorrect, it will turn grey. Few players can answer the right word in the first or second attempt. 

Know more abouJean Smart Wordle.

Although players can opt for the assistance of dictionary, very few people can give the right answer. 

By following the rules, players have to check out the correct answer. Wordle game is available in other languages, including Spanish, France, Italian, Urdu, Chinese, Somali, and many other languages.

There are many benefits of playing word games. One of these benefits is to increase vocabulary. By playing word games, the reasoning part of the brain also gets strong.


Wordle game is popular crossways the world. This is one of the most interesting word games globally, which has made it popular. Jean Smart Wordle is also one such interesting game. You can upsurge your word power by playing the wordle games besides enjoying the game. To know more, please read here 

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