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Jacqueline Avant Young was murdered during an attempted robbery at her home on December 1. Read to find out more.  

In a tragic incident that shook America, Jackie Avant was shot down to death at her home. It is understood that someone invaded her home and attacked her brutally. The Police are investigating the murder People have started consoling the family and mourning the death of Jackie Avant. She has got followers in the United Statesand it has been vowed that every resource shall be used to find who is behind Jacqueline Avant Young tragic death. 

Who is Jacqueline Avant?

Jacqueline Avant is a philanthropist and wife of music celebrity Clarence Avant. She is also the mother in law of Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos. She had served as the entertainment chairman of the NOW charity auction and was the president of the Watts Neighbors. 

Jackie did not have much media presence, unlike her husband, an iconic figure in American media. They married in 1967 and have two children- Alexander and Nicole Avant. Alexander is 50 years old, whereas Nicole, a political activist, is also 53 years old. 

Condolences and Tributes 

The death of Jacqueline Avant Young came as a shock to family and friends. A statement shared by the family notes that Jackie was a remarkable woman living in Beverly Hills for 55 years. She has impacted the art industry for the better and has contributed a lot to society through philanthropy. Various political leaders also paid their tribute. 

She also featured in the 2019 film The Black Godfather, based on Clarence Avant and was directed by their daughter Nicole Avant. She has also been into modelling since her initial day. In her old age, most of her time was spent at her home in Beverly Hills with short visits to friends and attending occasional fests. 

Jacqueline Avant Young: The Investigations of Death 

On December 1, Jackie Avant was found dead with a gunshot around 2:30 am when Police reached her home. It is understood that the shooters have already left the place by then. Nothing about a robbery or extortion could be found out as investigations have just started. Police have presumed that it was not a random attack but was planned meticulously. 

Multiple shots were fired at her, with some wounding her fatally. There are no specifications given, and a press conference would be organized to share the details about Jacqueline Avant Young. No arrest has yet been made, and no motive could be established. No statement has yet been given by Clarence Avant, who was reported to be grieving and resting.


Jackie Avant was an advocate of Black rights, and it was depicted in the 2019 film The Black Godfatherwhere she struggles to organise a black music event in the 1960s. She had contributed through philanthropy, and her death left a void with condolences coming from former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. To know more, see How Jackie Avant, Killed In Home.  

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