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The article will give you a brief idea about Jack Lyons North Bay and discuss the dedication his father, Mark, is making to spread awareness about autism.

Do you know Jack Lyons? The little boy becomes a celebrity for the autism awareness in the North Bay. Now people talk about Jack as he is the face of “Light It Up Blue”. It is an autism awareness camp in the North Bay. The news is spreading all over Canada

Mark Lyon, the father of Jack Lyon, expresses his gratitude to them for supporting his son. Mark also believes that the campaign will help people understand “Autism” and spread awareness among the community. Jack Lyons North Bay is the best example for spreading awareness about the psychological problem. 

The Blue Boy of North Bay

The colour blue identifies the autism advocacy. For the “Light, it Up Blue” campaign, the associates and the guests need to wear blue. It is used as a symbol to spread awareness about the disease. Jack Lyons is already famous as the “Blue boy” in society. Jack is just a fourteen years old boy. 

People recognize him by his name. Mark is very thankful that people and society acknowledge his son. On 2 April, Mark and his team organized the – “World Autism Awareness Day” in the town hall. 

Jack Lyons North Bay

Many people attend the program to cheer up the cause. But Mark also remembered when he started the reason. At first, it was challenging to create an awareness campaign. But gradually, people understand the cause. Mark also pays his gratitude to all his friends and relatives for their help in supporting the cause. 

Presently Mark is selling merchandise items like mittens and socks to raise funds for the “Light it Up Blue”. Highway 17 is the main selling area for Mark to sell these products. People are buying this merchandise and also helping the cause. 

Jack Lyons North Bay– the Sock Man

Mark recounts when he found Jack’s disorder. But Mark decided to fight and also help Jack in his difficult situation. Besides this, Mark decided not to stop here. The campaign’s main target is to help the particular types of kids in the area. 

Mark and his team started planning to help these children. Besides the awareness program, the campaign also raised funds for the development work of the special children. Mark decided to sell socks, and he became as “Sock Man” of the area, while his teenage child became Jack Lyons North Bay

Why the News is Spreading 

This summer, the community has built a unique playground for the autism children. The garden’s main attraction is to offer these children sensory panels that have textures and light. So, these children can spend quality time with their friends and parents. Many media outlets have published news on this worthwhile cause.


As per the recent update, Mark and his team have raised 56000 USD funds. The funds will be used for the awareness campaign and the development of special kids in North Bay. However, Mark’s son is famous as Jack Lyons North BayWe use internet sources to present all the data.

You can also check the link to learn more on the issue. Do you want to support the cause? Please comment.

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