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The article is the insight on Ivy Getty Wiki family, lifestyle, wedding, net worth, and other related information.

Recently, you would have learned about the grand marriage occasion of Ivy Getty. This article enlightens a brief on Ivy Getty Wiki.

She is a model and the daughter of an oil tycoon with a multi-billion brand. Her wedding with Tobias Alexander Engel became the talk of the town in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

However, do you know what her age is? Or are you aware of her net worth and profession? If not, then you must go through this article to know more about her precisely.

Who is Ivy Getty? 

Ivy Getty is the 26-year-old model born to a multimillionaire John Gilbert Getty. He is an oil tycoon. Hence Ivy Getty was a known face amongst the public from her childhood. Ivy Getty Wiki provides the spur to all the youngsters in today’s world.

Ivy Getty is the great-granddaughter of Mr. J. Paul Getty. He was a rich person and hence a billionaire in the mid of 20the century. He founded the successful Getty oil. 

Ivy Getty’s upbringing belongs to a rich family. Hence, she did not need to work as a professional. However, in her Instagram account, she had mentioned that she works with Ford Models.

She had graduated from a US state university. However, her professional details are not much disclosed in the media yet. 

Let us discuss her recently held marriage in this Ivy Getty Wiki.

Marriage of Ivy Getty.

Ivy Getty married her beloved boyfriend named Tobias Alexander Engel. He is a photographer by profession. The wedding was scheduled in the city hall known as; The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

On this auspicious occasion, Ivy decided to appear in three different looks. Her looks were stylish and were created by Carrie Goldberg. 

Her dress with broken glasses had gained enormous attention. It was designed by a designer named John Galliano. The entire gown resembles a broken mirror. However, considering the comfort of Ivy, a few percent of mirrors evoked real mirrors and also weighed less. 

The net worth of Ivy Getty Wiki

The grand wedding was celebrated for the princess of the oil-tycoon family. It was a star-studded ceremony and an extravagant party to all the attendees. 

The personal wealth of Ivy Getty was estimated as 1 dollar billion. However, being born in the world’s wealthiest family, her net worth might increase. She is the heiress of the oil treasure organization that is in massive profit.

Note – All the details mentioned here are a part of research present on the internet.

Final Verdict

Ivy Getty is a popular great-granddaughter of J. Paul Getty. Her wedding ceremony was in the headlines in many regions around the world.  This article gives a piece of brief information Ivy Getty Wiki was enlightened in a few points in this write-up. Do share your wedding highlights in the comment section below.

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