Scam (Dec 2021) Stay Alert & Avoid Scam

The guide shares details about the Scam to keep people protected and aware of it.

There are different types of scams going on over the internet, targeting people in different ways to steal their information and personal details. Many people in the United States have reported a new kind of scam.

It is called Parcel Tracking Scam. It is the new kind of scam targeting people across America via text message. Many people received the tracking shipment scam text with a link that urged them to click, and they were redirected to another portal. 

So, people are browsing online to learn more about Scam.

What is Itemtracking Scam?

Itemtracking Scam is the new online scam targeting many people in the United States. It is also referred to as Parcel Tracking Scam, where people receive scam text messages from an unknown number that comprises a suspicious link. 

The scam is to steal information and confidential details of the recipients. The scam message tricks the victims into clicking the suspicious link. When they click the link, it redirects them to a phishing website. 

They are asked to take the online survey to get expensive devices in return. If you have received such scam text messages, ignore them as it is a scam. 

How Scam is Conducted?

After evaluating the scam online, we found a few details. was established on 17th December 2021 and will expire on 17th December 2022 and it has a 5% of trust score.

People have reported that they received a text message from an unknown number, “7027451620,” claiming a parcel tracking link. It comprises a suspicious link that recipients have to click.

It also shares a tracking number that recipients have to use to track their parcel from the website of When recipients click the link, they are redirected to another portal where they are asked to take an online survey to get expensive devices in return.

When they click the link and take the survey, the scammers extract the information to use it later for fraudulent activities. So, you must avoid the Scam.

What are People Saying about the Scam?

After evaluating online, we found that a couple of recipients reported the scam online. They shared their views, enquired about the scam, and asked for suggestions. 

As per their comments, they received a text message with a code claiming to be a parcel tracking code. When they copy and click the link for tracking, they get redirected to third party website where they are asked to take the survey for expensive devices.       

A user said Scam also targets him as he is asked to take the survey in return for the PS5 device. They are also aware that it is a Paypal scam, and they have reported the same online.

Conclusion is a scam and not legit. People receiving the scam text message for parcel tracking must not use or click any link to track parcel as they are scam. You must take precautions to avoid this type of scam. Besides, you must also learn how to protect yourself from a scam.

Are you a victim of the Scam? Please, share how to report the scam in the comment section.

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