Itdshop Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Legit Or A Scam?

This article contains accurate Itdshop Reviews about the shopping portal that claims to offer high-branded shoes.

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Nowadays, from celebrities to influencers, everybody is building up a massive collection of shoes to showcase their style and choices. Moreover, following a trend may cost you a lot. 

But, no worries as the Itdshop store is claiming to offer luxury brand shoes at 50-70% off. The website mainly targets the United Kingdom and the United States, and later it has plans to expand its business globally.

Let’s get into these Itdshop Reviews to identify the validity of the store.

What is Itdshop?

According to the introduction page, the website is an online fashion store that sells different items at competitive prices. The website has its target audience, and it also has well-researched tricks and tactics to attract shoppers. 

Moreover, on the website, you will find the most popular designs of high-brand shoes such as Air Jordan, Nike and Adidas etc. Furthermore, customers will find the displayed products at the best prices as the website has a limited period sale where it is providing 50% to 70% off on its latest collection of shoes. 

However, Is Itdshop Legit? The website holds five-star ratings on each of its products to avoid any hesitation in deciding. Still, shoppers should read further. 

What are the conditions of Itdshop?

  • E-store visiting link-
  • Newsletter- not mentioned 
  • Company address- 110 Each Rd, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, USA
  • Products- branded shoes 
  • Domain establishment date-10/12/2021
  • Product return policy- not mentioned 
  • Item refund validity- unavailable 
  • Payment options- paypal
  • Social media icons-available 
  • Email address-
  • Estimated delivery charges- free shipping 
  • Transportation period-5-9 business days 
  • Telephone number- not provided 

Indeed, the website holds positive Itdshop Reviews, but still, people should verify the website’s actual intention to avoid any fraud in the future. 

Why should shoppers order from Itdshop?

  • The website is SSL encrypted, which means your personal information is safe.
  • People find company addresses and email id on the website.
  • The site has a flash sale where customers will get 50% to 70% off on the entire collection. 
  • It offers only high brand shoes like Air Jordan, Nike and Adidas etc. 
  • The customer has shared a positive experience on the website. 

Why should shoppers not order from Itdshop?

  • The e-store is only a few days old.
  • No feedbacks are available on the Trustpilot. 
  • Customer care contact number is missing from the website.
  • The earned ratings and scores are below the expectations.

Is Itdshop Legit?

The first view of the website seems legitimate, but we can’t declare it legitimate based on its interface. However, in this section, we have specified all the details that we have found in our research to reveal its reality. People should be cautious before choosing any online website as their shopping destination in this era. Internet fraud is increasing rapidly, and we must take some steps to avoid such scams.

Kindly refer to these checkpoints:

  • Domain name launch date- The site’s domain name was recently registered on 10/12/2021.
  • Customer feedback- The positive Itdshop Reviews are updated on the website, but we have obtained negative remarks from the external links. 
  • Trust score-We regret to say that the site has gained a 1% trust score. 
  • Trust rank- The achieved trust rank is shallow that is 1.1/100.
  • Content quality: In the analysis, the available content is plagiarized. 
  • Address originality- The office address is derivative.
  • Social media links- The available social media links are invalid since they lead you to the particular platform’s homepage. 
  • Domain expiration date- The website’s domain will terminate after 10/12/2022.

What are the shoppers’ Itdshop Reviews?

In the research, we have obtained mixed reviews. In elaboration, the official website holds five-star ratings and positive remarks. In contrast, we have found negative remarks from the external links where people have posted that the website is 100% scam as it has impersonated some other portal. But we cannot trust the reviews given on the website.

Therefore, we leave the final decision on the shoppers.

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Indeed, this high-branded shoes offering website is untrustworthy since it has stolen the information from the other portals. Thus, we recommend shoppers stay away from such stores. If you still have any doubts, cross-check all the parameters and Itdshop Reviews from your end.

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What are your thoughts about the site’s products? Kindly mention your thoughts below in these reviews.

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  1. Its a scam. I ordered 3 pair of shoes from them and all i got was an email saying they got my payment. Its been 10 days and they have a bogus email. I paid with paypal so hopefully ill get my money back. Please do not shop here, and i hope someone shuts this site down soon


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