Itam Lime Odyssey (Aug 2021) Check More Information!

Itam Lime Odyssey (Aug 2021) Check More Information! >> Want to know about the game and its format? Read the news below and acquire relevant information.

Are you aware of the Itam games? Well, you will get to know the details from the content that is mentioned below.

Itam Lime Odyssey shows that the year 2021 has been seen as the NFT year because of the emerging blockchain games.

This concept started in 2017, during the Crypto kites launch, and this even congested the Ethereum Network in the Philippines.

To know more about the game and get details about its popularity, the users need to read ahead.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the Itam games. The NFT and the blockchain games are seen to be very popular now compared to years ago. 

With the help of the Binance Smartchain network, the new NFT games are being launched.

Itam Lime Odyssey shows the NFT game working in 2018 that is making a comeback this year.

This game network plays to earn the NFT game and is referred to as the ITAM network.

This gaming platform was launched on the EOS network in the year 2018. This network has several games, and some of these are the Dungeon Princess, the Crypto Finishing, and a lot more. But these games are old, and there are new games that are to be launched.

The newest game of the ITAM network is going to be Lime Odyssey.

Essential points on Itam Lime Odyssey:

  • The Lime Odyssey is the latest and the newest game of the network and will be released in August.
  • This is play to earn a game, and the users can earn ITAM NFTs by playing this game.
  • The native token of the game is ITAM.
  • To use this game, the users need to connect the wallet and request the NFT.
  • If the request is approved, then the users can use the items.
  • The users can sell, transfer or delete the NFT items. If the users wish to use the NFT in the game itself, they can change the NFT to the locked state.

Views of people on Itam Lime Odyssey:

We see that the lime Odyssey is going to be released in August. The ITAM network, on the other hand, is working since 2018.

As per the research, we find various reviews by the users on Twitter regarding the game.

Moreover, the users can register up to 30 packages with one single account. Currently, there is a pre-sale going on the ITAM games.

The pre-sale is helping users to get better trading options, and we see that the ITAM network has an all-time high market cap of about 40 million dollars.

The bottom line:

Thus, after going through the details of the Itam Lime Odyssey, we would recommend the users attend the pre-sale if they wish to be a part of the game. Check here if you want to play Itam and earn  and connect with the ITAM network and get to be the part of the presale.

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