Islands Wordle {March} How To Play, Winning Strategy

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This article describes an online puzzle game that provides a geographical puzzle for gamers to solve in limited attempts. Read more about Islands Wordle.

Are you someone interested in guessing images related to geography? If yes, please read this article till the end to explore more details about a trending puzzle-based game.

Puzzle gamers Worldwide are excited about the new online puzzle game that involves guessing the name of lands surrounded by water.

People, regardless of age, are engaged with entertaining and informative puzzle games that help to think and gain more knowledge from playing various puzzles. Let’s learn more about the trending Islands Wordle.

About Worldle

Worldle is an online puzzle game inspired by the popular word puzzle game Wordle. Worldle is developed on a geography-based puzzle, where the gamer needs to find the country or territory displayed.

The player is provided with six chances to find the answer to the puzzle. First, the player can enter the name of the country or territory, and an automatic suggestion is given with correct spellings.

 The country is displayed in black with a white background, and there are no labels or sub-divisions on the image to make the puzzle more tough and thrilling. Learn about Faroe Islands Wordle.

How to Play Worldle?

  • Visit the website
  • Try to guess the name of the country displayed on the webpage.
  • Auto-suggestion helps you to enter the correct country name without spelling mistakes.
  • Once a wrong answer is entered, the website provides clues to find the country.
  • There will be the distance between the actual country and the country you entered on the clue provided by the country.
  • In addition to that, an arrow will be visible, showing the direction leading towards the country.
  • A proximity percentage is also provided to display the closeness of the player in finding the right country.

Islands Wordle

  • The Worldle puzzle provides new puzzles daily with a maximum of six attempts.
  • The result of the game stays within the game for the whole day. A new country or territory is available on the next day.
  • The picture of the country displayed on the game can be of any country.
  • The player can increase the difficulty level of the country by hiding or by random rotation of the image of the country.

How to Win Worldle?

  • Once you get the name of the closest country, combine the distance between the two counties and the arrow key provided. Learn on Islands Wordle.
  • As there are six attempts, keep getting close to the actual country, taking advantage of the available clues.
  • Having a good understanding of the geographical location provides an upper hand.
  • Once you find the right country, the distance will be zero, the arrow mark changes to a celebration symbol, and the proximity percentage becomes 100%.


Geography-based puzzle games helpgamers learn about various counties and territories. In addition to that, similar puzzle games help to relax and entertain. To know more details, kindly feel free to visit.

Have you tried to play the trending Islands Wordle? If yes, please comment more about it below.

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