Island Boys Wiki {Feb} Read Both Brother’s Life Journey!

This research on Island Boys Wiki will guide you on the life, net worth, career in the social media of the viral twin boys from Florida.

Do you follow Tik Tok or Instagram trends that go viral? Many sensational stars of the social media startup these trends and their followers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, and other parts of the world follows these trends.

This article on Island Boys Wiki will guide you about one of those stars who are now on the people’s minds, hearts, and souls. Who are these boys? What is the net worth? Every detail will be shared here.

Who are Island Boys?

Island Boys are identical twins from Florida, and their real names are Alex Venegas and Franky Venegas. They were born July 16, 2001, and at the age of 21, they have reached the milestones of success. They do raps and are going viral by Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd. Unfortunately, the boys lost their father at six and were raised by their single mothers. 

Island Boys Arrested

Before starting their career in the music field, the boys have revealed that they have been involved in burglaries and were imprisoned in different Juvenile jails. Moreover, they had spent days in the jails. At thirteen, they became the troublemakers for their family as they were involved in robberies and made videos with arrest bracelets, and uploaded them to social media. They were involved in many offensive crimes. 

Starting their Career

Franky was a good songwriter and resides in New York currently. He started writing songs and sang, and luckily, they got viral as the popular name Island Boys TikTok. Furthermore, Alex also joined and came up with another song ‘Island Boys.’ They got famous on many social media platforms like TikTok Instagram. Many people loved their raps, and they started using their raps in their videos and uploaded their videos. Franky began his career in the music field in 2020, and he has given many hit songs like “Smoke” and “9ine”. 

The net worth of Island Boys

The twins went viral on multiple social media platforms and have earned a good name and fame globally. They have become social media sensations and have a good net worth. Island Boys Net Worth 2022 was found out to be $500,000. This is a good amount as they started their career one and a half years ago and will get more opportunities in the future.

Their hard work and belief in their talent made them grow from zero to reach a milestone. In 2018, their net worth was just $10 thousand. They had $50 thousand net worth in 2020, which rose to $100 thousand in 2021. And now it stands at $500 thousand.


Summing up our content on the Island Boys Wiki, we informed you about the life of these twins, why they got arrested, and how they had started their career in the music field. You will also learn about the net worth of these twins. Please search this link to know about Twin Island Boys.  

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