Is Walmart Going Bagless Nationwide {Jun} Find A Truth!

Is Walmart Going Bagless Nationwide {Jun} Find A Truth!>> Do you want to know the truth behind a big initiative of banning plastic bags by a big store? Let’s check here!

Have you heard about information floating all over the internet that Walmart has decided to go bagless this year? 

Also, the bagless initiative which Walmart has decided to take is no far. According to the information, this popular giant retail chain store will be backless on July 1. But the United States people are not ready to believe it. 

Let’s find out Is Walmart Going Bagless Nationwide

What is the truth behind Walmart going bagless? 

There was a lot of confusion made by one post shared by an individual stating that Walmart is going bagless. In actual the truth is a bit different. Only the state of Maine has decided to prohibit plastic bags at every store in which Walmart is included. 

The state is going to start this initiative on July 1, 2021. And, after this, Wal-Mart has introduced this news in advance that it will be backless in its Maine stores. So, Is Walmart Going Bagless Nationwide? Is a big question but the answer, according to the sources, is still no. 

What A spokesperson for Walmart has to say about the initiative? 

Once this announcement has been made, Walmart has also started converting all the stores in Maine bagless. This decision has been made by keeping the environment in mind, and the initiative taken by Maine is in support of people and sustainable activities. This effort has been done to target the zero-emission goal by 2040. 

The sportsperson also confirmed that only Walmart stores in Maine would be backless because of the new state law, which will initiate on July 1, 2021. 

 Is Walmart Going Bagless Nationwide? What is False behind it? 

  • The information that Walmart will be backless is not a complete truth because this is not going to happen to all of its stores. 
  • The information that Walmart is going to be backless on July 1 nationwide is false. 
  • It happened because one article confused readers. After all, the article was having a title stating Walmart is going to be bagless on July 1. 
  • Another false piece of information was that Walmart took this initiative. However, in reality, the law in Maine has decided to prohibit plastic bags in all stores. 

So, don’t keep any doubt related to this notion- Is Walmart Going Bagless Nationwide

What should you know about Maine’s Law?

Maine passed a law in the year 2019 that will be prohibiting one-time use of plastic bags in stores. And the law was about to begin in the 2020 Summer, but then it was delayed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection because the state has to deal with the problem of novel coronavirus. 

Nevertheless, the state government has finally decided to schedule the effect of this on July 1, this year.

Final Verdict

If you heard this question- Is Walmart Going Bagless Nationwide? Let’s face the truth that this bag is only going to happen in Maine. 

However, there is some news that Walmart also launched its initiative of going bagless in Vermont and Mexico. But for now this is going to happen on July 1 2021, only in Maine. 

Do you have any idea of the impact of plastic on our environment? You should share your thoughts to us! You can know more about this initiative through this link 

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