Is Tingathle Scam or Legit {July 2023} Honest Review

Is Tingathle Scam or Legit can be determined through the primary legitimacy factors mentioned in this review of an online shopping store.

Do you frequently wait for clearance sales to get bed and bath products? Are the discounted offers on Tingathle’s website grabbing your attention? Have you checked whether Bed Bath and Clearance, offered by Tingathale trustworthy?

Many online buyers from the United States and worldwide check clearance sales at Tingathle’s online store to get products at significantly discounted prices. Read the facts here and analyze if it Is Tingathle Scam or Legit.

Is Tingathle’s online store legit or a Scam?

Some aspects associated with Tingathle’s online store outlined here will let you confirm the store’s credibility and validity:

  • The domain registration date is July 17, 2023, the domain expiry date is July 17, 2024, and the domain update date is July 17, 2023. 
  • The store received 12/ 100 online trust scores, making it the low trust platform.
  • The platform’s online trust indexing is only one per cent.
  • The store’s online ranking accessible is 0.0 on a 1 to 100 scale rate.
  • The owner’s details are missing.
  • Social networking engagement is also missing.
  • No Tingathle Reviews are accessible on any network or online channels.
  • The images appeared on its online store, and the return policy content is mostly coped.

What is Tingathle?

Tingathle is an online store selling bed, bathing, garden products and exclusive accessories, including beautiful mugs and lamps. It offers store clearance deals due to the official closure of its store. However, the online store’s creators have recently revealed the closure of their business.

Therefore, a clearance sale is offered for the customers to give them the best offers on bed and bath products and other accessories. But, learning if it Is Tingathle Scam or Legit will help buyers resolve the online store’s fidelity.

Specifications of Tingathle’s online store:

  • The store’s website URL-
  • Email address-
  • Company registration number- 10853964
  • Company name- AIMARK Limited
  • Company address- 39 to 41 Chase Side, Chase Business Center, United Kingdom, London- N14 5BP
  • Return policy- 35 days given to return the products bought
  • Delivery policy- More than seven to fifteen days
  • Processing period- One to three working days
  • Payment choices- Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro, JCB, and American Express

Also, check if it Is Tingathle Scam or Legit.

Pros of Tingathle’s online store:

  • The online store provides 50 to 75 percent discount on all its products.
  • The company offers beds, baths, kitchens, gardens, outdoor, storage, beauty, health, cleaning, curtain, and many other products and accessories.
  • Fixtures are accessible in its store at the sale price.

Cons of Tingathle’s online store:

  • The online store is winding up its operations.
  • It’s online rank and trust score are low.
  • The company owners have not given their personal or professional information

Tingathle Reviews:

The testimonials for Tingathle’s shopping store are not available anywhere online. Besides, the company launched a few days ago has declared the closure of its online shop and offered a clearance sale.

Hence, online users might not have dealt with this store due to the sudden closure. The new online launch of the store could not maintain trust or confidence among online buyers. Hence, it would benefit if you researched through search engines to trace feedback from Tingathle’s store’s customers before buying its bed, bath, or other products and accessories.

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Social media links:

This online store has no social media channels or profiles. So, giving this store’s social media accounts URLs is impossible.


Tingathle’s online store has not received remarks for its presence or legitimacy. Hence, we refrain from advocating Tingathle’s online store or its available merchandise even if it has a massive clearance sale of 50 to 75 percent.

Instead, get the merchandise from other successful companies or their official portals.  Tap here to analyze how to Get Your Money-Back From Scammers.

Have you ordered bed, bath, or other accessories from Tingathle’s online store? Share if the delivery was made or if it reached late.

Is Tingathle Scam or Legit: FAQS

Q1. What is Tingathle?

Online shopping store

Q2. What is the average delivery period for Tingathle’s online store’s products?

Ten to twelve days

Q3. Which shipping methods are available at Tingathle’s online store?

Standard shipping and express shipping

Q4. Do the buyers have to pay for the shipping free of product returns?


Q5. How much discount can a customer avail when buying through Tingathle’s online store?

50 to 75 percent discount

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