Is Stalized com Legit (June 2021) Check Reviews Here!

Is Stalized com Legit (June 2021) Check Reviews Here! >> The news shares details about an online portal that offers simplified buying options to online buyers with the best delivery and standard products.

Hello readers, here the topic of discussion is a website. It offers a variety of products at an optimum price. To online shop, this website is frequently used by the United States. It offers an easy-going process to an online shop.

The website ensures the quality of the product and the best quality service. In addition, buying a product is simplified on the site to save a lot of time.

But here the question arises Is Stalized com Legit? In the section, we will provide you all the valuable information about the site.

Is the web portal Stalized is Legit?

      To determine the authenticity of the site, we need to review few aspects. Let’s start

  • Domain Age: It is created on18th March 2021.
  • Address Details: 117 Ramsey Drive, Elk City, OK,73644, US.
  • Contact Number: It is (580)374-8566.
  • Trust Index: It is horrible 48.8 %.
  • Email Id:
  • Trust Score: It is very poor, only 2%.
  • Any Missing Information: All information is available.
  • Piracy of Content: Yes, the content is 50% copied 
  • Duplicate Site: Nothing like the same has been found.
  • Reviews: It has no reviews available on the site.
  • Social Media Channels: It has no web page on leading social media sites.

Hence, the question isIs Stalized com Legit? Based on the information mentioned above, the site seeing is suspicious; meanwhile, the final decision is up to you.

What is Stalized?

Stalize has embarked on the trading market just a few months back. It offers high-quality merchandise at an affordable price. It offers high-end customer service. The website ensures product quality. It makes online shopping for their customers very convenient through a simplified process. It is a major retail, wholesale buyer-to-customer online business platform. The problem-solving process of the site is very efficient             

According to Stalized com Reviews website offers a cost-effective trade service by using the latest e-commerce technologies, which saves the shopping time of the buyers. The website is popular among American citizens, and the website is more confident about its product and services. 

The website claims that we offer buyers a manageable buying process and cover every stage of trade channels safely without losing any buyers’ personal info. Transportation is very fast, and they delivered products to around 100 countries.


  • Type of Portal: This is an online website that offers various products.
  • Address: It is mentioned on the website.
  • Website:
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Number: yes, it is mentioned.
  • Replace: Stalized com Reviews confirm that if the product is damaged or any other issue occurs, the product replacement policy is available. 
  • Order Cancellation: Not mentioned.
  • Delivery Policy: Delivery time can be different based on the shipping location
  • Return Policy: it is available within 30days after receiving the product.
  • Exchange: It is available, and the product should be unworn and unwashed.
  • Refund: It is available to refund will be issued within seven business days based on the original form of payment.
  • Payment Methods: Pay Pal, Visa Card, Master Card etc.
  • Social media presence:– The Company does not maintain any social media page.

Pros of the web portal:

  • The web portal has all standard features, but here is curiosity about the web portal: Is Stalized com Legit?
  • The web portal provides a very simplified process of buying.
  • Return, refund and replacement policy is available on the site, which favors the site’s authenticity.

Cons of the web portal:

  • Shop these web portals has been testified that it can be a scam.
  • We cannot get authentic reviews due to the absence of social media page.
  • The website has a very low trust score that is only 1%.
  • The website review shows a high-risk index.
  • We have found online that the site’s business got 48.8/100, its very average ranking.

What Customers Review Says on Is Stalized com Legit or not?

Stabilized .com is mentioned as a busy site dealing in kitchen and dining accessories . Here we are mentioning some words written on a web page to see what the site says. This website is poorly designed, not containing mandatory data necessary to show its presence online. So, its credibility is questionable.

The website has a low trust rank, so it is a matter of site authenticity. This web portal is questionable because of its low trust score and its low business index. Unfortunately, there are no reviews available.

This website has no web page on social media leading sites, so we cannot find satisfactory reviews over there. 

The Final Verdict:

This web portal offers a good service to the American citizens, but before buying, customers should think about key points about the website that Is Stalized com Legit and if you have faced a PayPal scam, read here. Which site do you prefer? Moreover, have you faced a credit card scam? Check here for details. Let’s comment.

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