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I Skyline News Online website Reviews

Read the content, Is Skyline News Legit, and get well-known with interesting facts about the portal.

Do you love to remain updated with the latest news? Are you searching for a news website that shares all the happenings of the world on its platform? Then have your focus on today’s content that brings down the highlights of Skyline for you. 

In today’s era where news is an important source of information, some websites took advantage of it and used it to promote fake facts to grab the emotional support of the people in the United States. So, before relying and believing on any of these, we must verify Is Skyline News Legit?

What is Skyline?

A team of investigation claims to offer truth, fair and balanced reports to the readers. The portal covers all the major news headlines of Western Carolina. The content is based on the updates of legal and administration, forensic computer skills, and undercover skills. The website covers all the current events.

Chad Nesbitt is well–recognized as the president of this news portal. He has been working in the media for a long time by investigating several reports that have turned into the national news. 

Is Skyline News Legit?

  • Skyline is an old news portal providing its services since 18 July 2019. 
  • The platform is actively available on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • People have shared their reviews online with a rating of 3.4 stars.
  • The about us page shares all the details of the founder and the journalist who worked for Skyline.
  • The trust score of the portal is high 
  • The SSL certification of the Skyline is valid.
  • The Alexa Rank of the site is 2607618.

Is Skyline News Legit– From the facts shared above, this news platform seems legit and trustworthy. But there are certain flaws too that can’t be ignored. Let’s have a look over them.

Cons of Skyline News

  • The WHOIS data of the website is hidden.
  • The owner of the Skyline News portal has used paid services to hide its identity.

What are people’s reviews over the news portal?

Skyline, being an old news site, has received much feedback from the visitors. Some of which highlight the positive points while others are negative. Moreover, looking at their feedback, we will get clearer with the answer of Is Skyline News Legit.

Well, according to some readers, Chad posts only actual stories. He is an honest reporter who pinpoints all the major stories without adding any fake stuff. 

While some believe that Skyline is not a source of legitimate information as it is run as a small business. Moreover, they even believe that Chad uses its platform to spread hatred and fear among the people.

Viewing both feedbacks we can analyze that some people appreciate Chad’s work while others are disappointed.


Ending up the article, we tried our best to answer Is Skyline News Legit or not. So, if you want to rely on the news content of Skyline, we recommend you to explore all the reviews on Facebook on your own too. 

Which news platform do you often use to capture all the details? Comment and share with us.

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