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The guide shares details to help people know Is Quinlan Vos Alive or dead. 

Do you stream the episodes of Kenobi? If you regularly stream the episodes, you probably have heard about the legendary Jedi Quinlan Vos, who made the canonical debut in the animated series of Clone Wars. 

He has an unexpected mention in the 3rd episode, and he is not familiar to all Star Wars fans. He makes a brief pop-up when Obi-Wan read the list of travelers who made their way down to safety. Despite his brief mention, many viewers in the United States want to know Is Quinlan Vos Alive.

Is He Alive or Dead!

In the latest Obi-Wan Kenobi episode, part 3, Tala, the Imperial Officer, describes the path in the Mapuzo’s safe house, which is used to get people, force-sensitive kids, and Jedi, to safety. Kenobi looks at the walls and finds the name Quinlan Vos craved on the wall. So, he said, Quinlan Vos is here, and Tala confirms.

So, in the Obi-Wan 3rd episode, Tala reveals that Quinlan Vos is alive and still smuggling younglings to safety. So, it is assumed that the Jedi are still alive and not dead. The name carved on the walls also confirms his existence.

Is Quinlan Vos Alive – Who is Quinlan Vos?

Quinlan Vos is the Jedi master who made his debut in the Clone Wars animated series. He had also appeared in other series of Star Wars media, including the popular Christie Golden’s book, Dark Discipline. 

The story describes the decent life and dark side of Quinlan Vos and his relationship with Sith Assassin. Despite a brief appearance in the episodes, he got very popular amongst his fans in the United States. 

The quick mention in Kenobi episode 3 cemented his appearance in Star Wars’ live-action canon. At the end of the episode, all his fans are worried and want to know Is Quinlan Vos Alive. But, Tala, the Imperial Officer, confirmed that he was alive and still smuggling younglings to the safety. His name carved on the walls further confirms his existence.      

Is Quinlan Alive in the Canon?

In one part of the episode, the friendship between Vos and Jedi Knight Desh turns fatal as he leads him to get a merciful death, especially when Desh has poisoned himself to capture the Vos. However, the love for Ventress gave Vos the required strength and return to the light shade.

Since Quinlan Vos is the epic Jedi in the series, many fans searched to know Is Quinlan Vos Alive.

According to the recent issue of Marvel Darth, he is not dead and survived Order 66. He is alive and Tala, the Imperial Officer, confirmed that he is still smuggling the younglings to the safety.


Fans of Star Wars Kenobi Episode III know that Quinlan Vos Jedi can’t die easily. He survived order 66 and still living in the canon. Tala, the imperial Officer, confirmed to Kenobi that he is alive and smuggling younglings to safety. So, people asking Is Quinlan Vos Alive must know that he is alive and not dead. 

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