Is Prime Day A Scam {July} Explore Hidden Facts Here!

This article describes the scam activities conducted misusing Amazon Prime Day to steal the customer’s money. Read more details about Is Prime Day a Scam.

Are you eager to know about the ongoing Amazon shopping season? Do you want to know more details about the massive offer sale? Keep reading as we go through all the relevant aspects you need to consider as a customer.

Online customers from the United States are thrilled by the incredible offers presented for two days for shopping on the Amazon platform. Along with the queries on offers, ‘Is Prime Day a Scam’ is one of the most asked questions. So, let’s check about it.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Scams

Amazon is offering various deals for their customers with Amazon Prime Day. The customers can avail of the offers on 12th and 13th July 2022. Along with the official offers from Amazon, scammers are misusing the event.

Scammers approach the customers by creating fake email ids and websites with the name amazon. They do this to scam customers by redirecting them to other payment gateways. In 2021, Amazon impersonators stole money from 5,411 customers as per FTC’s data. First, let’s analyze ‘Is Prime Day Worth It?’

Why is Prime Day Targeted?

  • As per the official reports, the scams conducted during the Amazon Prime Day sales are multifold compared to other days.
  • The scammers target customers by sending fake emails and advertisements with great discounts.
  • People don’t find the massive discounts suspicious as the Prime Day sales are supposed to provide great discounts.
  • The scammers misuse the trust people have in Amazon by trying to present them as Amazon itself.
  • The online fraudsters use the original Amazon logo and its designs on the emails and advertisements to make it more convincing.

Is Prime Day a Scam?

  • First of all, Amazon Prime Day is not a scam. Moreover, Amazon is conducting Prime Day sales to provide products to their customers at a discounted rate.
  • The rate of Phishing is reported to spike around Amazon Prime Day as the fraudsters get more potential customers.
  • Amazon has a massive user base of 148 million Americans. The large user base is the crucial factor that scammers target during the sales seasons.
  • Apart from Amazon customers, non-Amazon users also receive such spam offers related to Amazon Prime Day.

How to Avoid Scammers?

  • Avoid flashy pop-up ads. Read more about ‘Is Prime Day a Scam?’
  • Ensure to use the official websites to order any products. 
  • Apart from that, the users can also rely on the official Amazon application listed on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for purchasing products.
  • Avoid visiting the external links provided in the emails mentioning Amazon discounts.


Amazon Prime Day is the official sales event that offers huge discounts, but as an informed customer, ensure that the offers are received from the official Amazon app or website. To know more details about the topic, please check here. 

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