Is Paul Alexander Still Alive (Dec) Decoding The Truth!

This post talks about Is Paul Alexander Still Alive and elaborates about his fight with a deadly disease.

Miracles happen and especially with those who have a zest for life. One such person is Paul Alexander, who contracted Polio at a very young age of six. But he didn’t lose his fondness for life and continued to live using an iron lung.

Paul Alexander from the United States has been known as the Man with Iron Lung, and his life story will leave you completely perplexed. From his struggle to fighting Polio living in an iron lung, we would run a sneak peek through his life to know Is Paul Alexander Still Alive. Read the sections below.

Who is Paul Alexander?

Paul Alexander was born in the year 1946. He is a lawyer and a writer who authored the book Three Minutes for a Dog. However, he is more famously known as the paralytic polio survivor who contracted the deadly disease of Polio in the year 1952. Paul was just six years old at that time.

Moreover, he is also the last survivor living in iron long since he contracted with Polio. With Polio, he was able to move his neck, head, and mouth. Considering his condition, people want to know Is Paul Alexander Still Alive.

Before we unveil if he is still alive, we shall look into how he contracted Polio below.

How did Paul Alexander Contract Polio?

During the Polio outbreak across the United States, Paul was among the hundreds of kids who fell prey to the deadly virus. In 1952, at the age of six, Paul contracted Polio and was treated at the Parkland Hospital. The children in the hospital were treated onwards with iron lungs for an hour, every single day. As per sources, Paul was saved when his doctor noticed that he was not breathing and rushed him into the iron lung.

Is Paul Alexander Still Alive?

After we did in-depth research, we found that, yes, Paul Alexander is still alive and lives in the iron lung. However, he spends a few times breathing voluntarily and comes out from the machine or litigating for a case.

Other Information about An Artist, Paul Alexander

Another Paul Alexander, an artist, recently breathed his last on 14 June 2021 at the age of 83. Thus, we bring you this information to avoid confusion about Paul Alexander and mixed identity when checking for Is Paul Alexander Still Alive.

Final Conclusion

While Paul Richard Alexander, popularly known, did contract the deadly poliovirus, he didn’t lose his zest for life. The also authored the book Three Minutes for a Dog, which was a self-published memoir. As per sources, it made him over and around eight years to complete the book where he used the plastic stick and a pen to type a story by using the keyboard.

His story is truly inspiring, wherein he self-taught himself voluntary breathing and now spends some time outside the iron lung.

We hope this article cleared your query about Is Paul Alexander Still Alive. Read here about him more.

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