Is Ownboss Supply Scam (Nov 2022) Check The Review Here!

This article will help you elucidate your doubts regarding Is Ownboss Supply Scam, the e-store that offers clothes and other items.  

Do you want to know about Ownboss Supply? If yes, then read this post till the end. 

As per the latest research, it is found that the whole United States crowed is crazy for the Ownboss Supply giveaway as it is trending on the internet. However, in the giveaway, people can win OB4 and 20k cash price. 

People can visit its official clothing website to take part in the giveaway. But, what do you think Is Ownboss Supply Scam or a legit site. 

Is Ownboss Supply Legit?

In this section, we have summed up information that will help you clarify all your doubts regarding the authenticity of the website as these days, and many scam sites use similar strategies to earn the customers to accomplish their scamming objectives. 

Kindly take note of all the below-listed pointers before making up your mind.

  • Website’s domain registration date- according to the available records, this website was registered on 23/10/2020.
  • Website’s domain expiration date- the site’s domain will expire on 2021 October 23.
  • Customer reviews – Many positive and negative Ownboss Supply Reviews published on the internet. 
  • Content quality- on the website detailed description about the giveaway is mentioned, and the content quality seems of the average rate.
  • Owner’s information – the details of the owners are not specified on the website.
  • Address originality- the mentioned address seems valid.
  • Alexa rank- the website’s Alexa rank is 694,319.
  • Social media icons- the website is has mentioned valid links on it. 
  • Trust score- the site’s trust score is 2%.
  • Index rank- the e-store has earned a 21.7% index rank. 
  • Policies – the website has poor return, and refund policies as all sales are final. 

Consequently, the above data concluded that the website is partly reliable, but still, it is advised to read this Is Ownboss Supply Scam post till the bottom line. 

What is Ownboss Supply?

As per the web page’s description, it is an online clothing store that holds a wide range of multiple items such as men’s clothing, women’s clothing, headwear, and accessories, etc. The website is prevalent throughout the United States for its giveaway. However, to participate in the giveaway, people need to order from the website, and once you completed your order, your entry will register for the giveaway. 

Besides that, you can check the other details, such as past winners, current giveaways, deadlines, etc., on its website. 

 But, before placing your order, go through this Is Ownboss Supply Scam post. 

What are the specifications of Ownboss Supply?

  • Website URL-
  • Domain creation date- 23/10/2020
  • Email address-
  • Company address- Own Boss Supply LLC, 28265 Beck Road, Unit C15, Wixom, Michigan 48393
  • Contact number- not mentioned 
  • Products- clothing 
  • Delivery charges – not specified 
  • Delivery time- within 7-14 business days
  • Newsletter- available 
  • Payment method – American Express, diners club, MasterCard, PayPal, DISCOVER, VISA, and JCB, etc
  • Social media icons- mentioned 
  • Return policy- within 30 business days 
  • Refund validity – not allowed 

Please find your answers in this Is Ownboss Supply Scam post. 

What are the gains of ordering from Ownboss Supply?

  • The site is providing a giveaway.
  • It has active social media handles. 
  • It has working customer service support. 
  • It has mentioned its address. 
  • It holds a comprehensive collection of clothing and related items on it. 

What are the losses of ordering from Ownboss Supply?

  • The website does not refund the amount. 
  • It has gained mixed customer reviews. 
  • In the giveaways, only the US shoppers are allowed to participate, for other T&C are applicable. 

What are the Shoppers’ Ownboss Supply Reviews?

Fortunately, the website has obtained tons of customer reviews. Furthermore, on the official portal, all customers have posted positive feedbacks like the t-shirts are comfortable, the sweat pants they have received are an excellent purchase.

On the other hand, we have obtained mixed reviews from the website’s Facebook page , where many people posted they have not received their order for more than a month while some said the Ownboss blackout hoody is comfortable, etc. 

In the end, the website has received mixed reactions. Read here to find out how to regain your scammed money via PayPal

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion of this Is Ownboss Supply Scam post, the Ownboss Supply store is trending due to its giveaway, and besides this, the site has not gained any fame. In hindsight, the website has gained mixed remarks, and some of its shoppers have not received their orders yet, which is a red sign. 

Thus, we suggest our readers do their research before taking any action. Read here if you are also struggling to get your tricked money back via credit card

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16 thoughts on “Is Ownboss Supply Scam (Nov 2022) Check The Review Here!”

  1. I placed an order for three shirts over a month ago and asked when they would be delivered. I received a message that they were looking into it. After requesting a refund a few weeks later because they had not yet been dispatched, I was told that a refund was not feasible. This company should not be dealt with. They will defraud you of your money and fail to deliver your order.

  2. I’m going on almost 3 months and they haven’t sent anything the few responses I get by email are generic and have all said it will ship that week been 2 months ago. Its a scam they need shut down

  3. Well I ordered two shirts, a hat and a detailing package 135.00 order, paid with PayPal, just seeing this site makes me a little nervous about my order, luckily PayPal is pretty good about getting money back for stuff not received… I’ll keep you posted!

    • Hello Kevin, Did you get your refund? Many of them dropped message and have the same issue. Please keep updating. So, the other buyers will get help to know exact process and can save their money anyhow. Be careful. Thanks.

  4. I have made 3 different orders and received all 3. I am very pleased with their products. I ordered shirts , hoodie and detailing. Love it all !

  5. I ordered a bundle of shirts and received it before the expected delivery date. I got a confirmation email and thank you for your first purchase email. Everything appears to be 100% legit. One thing I will mention is that there are several fake websites claiming to be Own Boss Supply Co. but a little bit of attention to the websites reveals that they are fake. Store items that you cannot look at links in the website that dont work and several other clues to a fake website. Its appears scammers caught wind of the popularity and have taken advantage of more than a few people. There is one claiming to be giving away gas cards and other items. The website formats appear similar enough that I would be able to understand that they could be confused. What it looks like is happening is people are not ending up at the legit website to start with which is causing the issue because of course a scammer isn’t going to refund you.

    • Hello Aaron Dirks, it is good, you received the order. Yes, many fake websites use tricks and earn money easily. Buyers, it is advisable to check the portals before you purchase. The scammers are smart and they cheat anyways. Be careful. Take care. Thanks & regards.

  6. I ordered via the official Own Boss website. I received immediate notification that my order was placed as well as tracking information. The ordered items were received within a week. The package tracking was 100% accurate. For website provides options for contestants to mail in requests for entries in the OB7 contest; thus, no purchase is required. All purchases, according to the website and contest rule indicate earn entries as well.

  7. I’ve ordered from the twice now. A detailing kit and clothing. I received everything both times and in the time I was told. The jogging suit I ordered is my new favorite!! I have a hard time believing that these reviews stating they didn’t receive their orders weren’t perhaps scammed by a bogus site. I will continue to get my detailing supplies thru this co for sure.


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