Is Olkbmon.Shop Scam or Legit {July 2023} Honest Reviews!

The article will let all the readers know Is Olkbmon.Shop Scam or Legit will also provide necessary information on the site.

Are you aware of the Olkbom.Shop website? Do you want to shop from Olkbmon?Shop website? Are you worried about the authenticity of the Olkbom.Shop website? Want to shop from the Olkbom.Shop website? Are you looking for the authenticity of the Olkbmon.Shop website?

The article will provide all the readers with authentic information regarding the Olkbmon.Shop website. To get all the details on the currently most trending Website in the United States, read the article until finish. Also, here the readers can know Is Olkbmon.Shop Scam or Legit Website.


Check the Legitimacy of Olkbmon.Shop here!

  • Domain Date- The online Website’s registration date is stated as 03/06/2923.
  • Expiry Date- The domain expiry date is mentioned as 03/06/2024.
  • Owner’s Details- The website authority didn’t share any details with the owner.
  • Trust Score- Not provided on any online sources.
  • Trust Index- The Website had a trust index score of 0.6 out of 100.
  • Website Popularity- The Website seems like an unpopular shopping site.
  • Social Media Response- The site also needs better social media responses.
  • HTTPS Connection – Fortunately, a valid connection for HTTP is found.
  • Olkbmon.Shop Reviews-As of now; we didn’t found any authentic customer reviews of the Website.
  • Blacklist Detention – The site is not detected through any blacklist engines.
  • Suspicious Website – The site seems suspicious, with an approximately 33/100 score.
  • Phishing Score- The site has received a phishing score of 91/100.
  • Malware Score –The site has got 86/100 malware score from an authentic source.

Thus, the Website looks suspicious based on the poor legitimacy checkpoints it has received.

Find the details on Olkbmon.Shop!

The Olkbmon.Shop website sells a lot of household products. Those interested to know the Website’s authenticity can quickly read through the article on Is Olkbmon. Shop Scam or LegitTo know more about the different types of products which the Website sells are as follows:-

  • Bed Pillows.
  • Bathroom products.
  • Garden Tools
  • Outdoor and Camping products.
  • Kitchenware and many more items.

Quickly know the Specifications!

  • The URL -Here, one can easily access the Website through the given
  • Email id- The website authorities didn’t mention any email-id.
  • Contact Number- Not given.
  • Contact Address- Not Provided.
  • Payment Methods- Amex, Visa, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.
  • Processing Time- Not stated.
  • Shipping Time- Shipping is mentioned within 18 hours.
  • Delivery Time- Not mentioned.
  • Return Time- Not specified.
  • Refund- Not stated.

Pros for: Is Olkbmon.Shop Scam or Legit!

Below, the readers can get the positive points for the site:-

  • The site offers huge discounts to customers.
  • The Website provides sales for the customer.
  • The Website has stated the shipping policy.
  • The portal sells good products with huge discounts.

Cons for The OIkbmon.Shop website!

The table below shares details on the cons of the shopping site:-

  • Here, the website authorities should have mentioned the contact details.
  • All the website policies redirect to the same page of the Website.
  • The Website didn’t mention any social media icons.
  • The delivery and return information is missing on the Website.

Check the Olkbmon.Shop Reviews!

After thorough research, we couldn’t gather any details for the customer reviews of the Website on any authentic platform. Thus, the site seems to be completely suspicious for now. Also, if you are scammed through online shopping sites, then Get Your Money-Back From Scammers now.


The Olkbmon.The shop website looks like a complete scam website as much information on the Website needs to be included. It looks more suspicious as every page on the Website, redirects to the same page. Hence, we suggest shopping from a legit portal. Therefore, if scammed, know how to Get a refund on a credit card here. 

What are your opinions against website legitimacy? Please comment. 

Is Olkbmon.Shop Scam or Legit-FAQs

Q1. What does the Oikbmon. Shop website sell?

The Website sells different bathrooms, men’s wear, kitchens, and many more products.

Q2. Who is the website owner of the shopping site?

The website authorities didn’t mention the website owner.

Q3. Is any return policy stated on the Website?

No return policy details are provided for the Website.

Q4. Have the Website stated the correct contact details?

The Website’s operator should have shared contact details.

Q5. How can the customer access to Olkbmon.Shop website?

No details customer details for the Olkbmon.Shop is available.

Q6. Is Olkbmon.Shop Scam or Legit?

The Website seems like a complete scam site based on the research.

Q7. Are all the policies well mentioned on the Website?

The website operators didn’t share any details about the website policies.

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