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This article is for the readers who are in doubt regarding Is Nshss Legit and want to know the truth behind the email and its authenticity. Check it out once.

Have you received an email from a prestigious organization called NSHSS? Does that email put you in doubt about whether you should trust the organization’s intention or not? Many people in the United States received an email from NSHSS regarding their scholarships.

However, if you are looking to find out the legitimacy of the organization and the authenticity of the email, then your search is over. We will tell you Is Nshss Legit and provide some useful insight into the situation.

Should people trust the email from the NSHSS?

NSHSS, also known as the National-Society-of-High-School-Scholars, is a legitimate organization established in 2002. Many people in the United States received an email from this organization in which it was said that the person was selected to join us as a senior in high school.

Now, people start having second doubts as their GPAs aren’t as good or near perfect, so how can they be eligible for the scholarship or admission as a senior in high school. So, let’s find out the truth about it. 

Is Nshss Legit

After checking out the reviews and experience of the people, we can say that the NSHSS is a legitimate organization working in the industry for more than 20 years. Some people think that it’s a scam because of the absence of information, but in reality, it’s more than a deal and an addition to the student’s CV.

The students can put in their CV that they have attended the NSHSS as a senior to put a good impression in front of the college recruiters and increase the chance of the admission.


After knowing whether Is Nshss Legit, let’s talk about the functioning and authenticity of the National- Society-of-High-School-Scholars. The NSHSS is featured in many news channels like MSN, U.S. News, Forbes, Inc., etc. 

The organization focuses on giving scholarships to students with good academic marks and performance and is selected from around 26,000 high schools. The founder of the NSHSS is Claes Nobel, and now the Nobel family is handling the business. 

The website’s domain age is 19 years, 11 months, and 3 days as it was created on 13/06/2002. Also, the trust score is 78%, which is enough to know whether or not Is Nshss Legit and the answer is yes. 

What are the views of people and students?

According to the comments and the student’s experience, we believe that the NSHSS organization doesn’t care about the students’ grades as they want to increase their business and get the annual membership fee from the students. 

Some students claim that their academic score isn’t eligible for the NSHSS admission, but still, they get the email from them. It doesn’t mean that it’s a scam, but guardians think it’s a waste of money and time for the student.

Final words

We know Is Nshss Legit, but it’s important to know the authenticity of the email they send out to the students. It’s better to take advice from an experienced person regarding admission to NSHSS and then decide for your kid. 

Are any of your friends attended the NSHSS conference? Please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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