Is Memorial Day Only For Those Who Died In Service (June)

Is Memorial Day Only For Those Who Died In Service (June) >> This news is associated with the statements of Memorial Day and other concerning queries. Read further to know more about the freedom of this national holiday.

Contributing towards the country, individual needs a lot of faith and values towards his duties. Many American soldiers from the United States have proved their strength and endurance in World War 1, the Civil war, Vietnam War, Korean War, and other major conflicts. Unfortunately, during the tough times, the country lost most of its honored soldiers and militants. Since then, Memorial Day was into the tradition of the U.S. 

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About Memorial Day

Originated on May 30, 1868, officially known as Decoration Day, it is dedicated purely and honorably to the men and women who dies during the service in the United States military. It was officially represented thought the time, and phases followed by Civil War in 1971 and took place as a national holiday. Thirty may be particularly chosen because it does not represent any specific battle or anniversary from history.

American paying a visit to the cemeteries and contribute honor to the dead. Many people out of this tradition have struggled to figure Is Memorial Day Only For Those Who Died In Service?

Facts of Memorial Day

  • Designed to honor the passed-away soldiers, this day was started on May 30, 1868, and was officially termed Decoration Day.
  • General John A. Logan was a major of the Army and made Memorial Day official.
  • The former American President Lyndon stated the birthplace of this holiday to be in Waterloo, New York.
  • (to more about How was Memorial Day Started? Scroll down)
  • Si9nce the interface of Congress in America, it was declared as National Holiday in 1971.
  • May 30 is also known as the day when flowers blossom to the fullest nationwide.
  • The customs representing Memorial Day are different from the other rituals practiced.
  • This day is given more value as a franchise than a national holiday. 

Traditions Associated

  • Witnessing battlefield
  • Attending the parade 
  • Raising the American fan
  • Holding part in Memorial services 
  • Hosting MIA flag

How was Memorial Day Started?

In May 1966, president Lyndon declared Memorial Day to be associated with Waterloo in New York as birthplace. It was a day of remembrance of those men and women who contributed their lives to the American military. With no history background on 30 may, it was declared to be the anniversary for one who died, and since then, people started paying a visit to graveyards with blossom flowers. Read here to know the history.


Sadly, many people lost their lives during the service in the American military. Many politicians and Generals passed the day of remembrance for the troops. Since then the Memorial Day is celebrated for the fallen soldiers on May 30 with great pride and show.

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