Is Lorde Us Store Legit {June} Read The Full Review!

Is Lorde Us Store Legit {June} Read The Full Review! >> want to know whether this website is the official merchandise of Lorde and want to know its legitimacy? Read the below article.

Do you follow the popular American singer Lorde and listen to all her songs and want to know Is Lorde Us Store Legit ? Do you wish to buy amazing hoodies, sippers, types of vinyl from her official website? Do you reside in the United States and also confused that is this website the official merchandise of Lorde? Well, from here onwards we will lead you to all the details and info about this website and also tell if this website authentic and the quality of products offered by the website.

So stay on the page without missing any details to get the answer.

Is Lorde Us Store Legit ?

There are many people that try to scam customers by showcasing fake merchandise of famous celebs. So customers should be aware of these scams and should do deep research before shopping for anything. So read the below details to be sure about this website : 

  • The domain of was created 4 years ago which seems good for shopping from here.
  • The famous singer Lorde have pasted the link for this website on her official page that has more than 4 million subscribers
  • The products selling in this store are a little expensive.
  • The trust score that managed to get is 58%
  • No Lorde Us Store Reviews by any customers.

What is is an American-based e-commerce store that is the official merchandise of the famous American singer Lorde. The products that this website sells are a bit expensive and the site doesn’t have many varieties. The website was created 4 years from now which makes it trustable to buy. Moreover, the official youtube channel of Lorde has pasted the link for this website in the description mentioning it be the official website. Orders can be returned but no timeline is mentioned on the website. 

This website provides hoodies, water bottles, caps, types of vinyl. 

Are you here to know Is Lorde Us Store Legit ?

Specifications of : 

  • The URL to access the website is
  • the website has not mentioned any information related to shipping charges 
  • The order can be canceled before it is accepted by the company
  • Processing time is expected between 2-3 days
  • Order will be delivered before 5 days
  • Orders can be returned but no timeline is mentioned on the website. 
  • The mail address is LORDE@UMUSICSUPPORTAU.COM
  • Google Pay can be used to pay to this website.
  • No contact detail is provided by the website 
  • No company address is provided 

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Pros of using : 

  • This website is officially showcased on the official youtube of Lorde.
  • An original SSL certificate is provided by the company 
  • The website holds a domain age of 4 years 

Cons of using : 

  • Very few varieties of products are offered by the company on the website.
  • 58 out of 100 trust score for official merchandise leads to questioning its authenticity.
  • There are no mentions of return policy, contact details, delivery charges on the website which are also not acceptable.
  • As official merchandise of Lorde we cannot neglect that this website doesn’t have any Lorde Us Store Reviews on any platforms.

What are the reviews or feedbacks of this website?

Reviews can make it a lot easier to know that whether a website is legit but after searching for reviews there was nothing that could be found for this website and keeping in mind that this website got a 58% trust score being official merchandise of Lorde

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As we have gone deep in our research considering Is Lorde Us Store Legit.

we think that this could be a legit store as the link of the site was pasted on the official youtube channel of Lorde, but we strongly recommend our viewers that they make their own research before buying anything from here.

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Please write in the comment box if you made any past purchases from this website. Anyone can be the victim of credit card scam, if you are one check this.

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