Is Light in the Box a Scam Site- Do You Know Where Does It Located?

The guide shares the important points to help consumers know Is Light in the Box a Scam Site or legit.

Do you love shopping online and making super savings on every purchase? Light in the Box is a trending online store that deals in multiple products and fashion clothing for modern buyers. However, the store is in the news for offering super hot deals and sales that attract many consumers in the United States.

The store specializes in different fashion clothing, apparel, accessories, gifts, toys and lighting products. However, many consumers are still reluctant to shop at the store without evaluating its legitimacy. 

So, if you are also amongst them, continue reading to know Is Light in the Box a Scam Site or legitimate.

Is Light in the Box Legit or a Scam?

Multiple factors are evaluated to confirm the store’s legitimacy, and all these factors are considered to check if the light in the box is a legit or a scam site. So, have a look at these points. 

The store registered the domain on 10th March 2006, and the domain is registered up to 10th March 2029. Besides, the website secured a poor trust score of 30%, and it is because of the mixed reviews and testimonials from consumers. 

The store has active pages on social media and promptly replies to queries. So, the store can’t be considered a scam. But, research is necessary before shopping.     

Where Is Light in the Box Located – The Address!

After evaluating the website, we have found a “Contact Us” page. But the store has not shared any physical address, and it is not confirmed where the store is located. However, some websites and review portals have confirmed that the website is Chinese and operated from China. But, the store is also serviceable in the United States.

The website has not shared any contact address, and the social media pages only share the email ID, not the store’s address. So, it won’t be possible to confirm Where Is Light in the Box Located.

But, some users and review portals have confirmed that the store is based in China. But, it is not confirmed. 

What are the Customer Reviews?

After evaluating, we have found that many consumers have shared their shopping experiences and testimonials online. Consumers have shared mixed reviews, and the store has garnered a 4-star rating from consumers. 

Many consumers are happy and satisfied shopping at the store, while others are dissatisfied. They have shared negative reviews confirming poor customer service and product quality. People are also having sizing issues with the dresses ordered from the store. 

Because of such mixed reviews, consumers are looking for unbiased answers to Is Light in the Box a Scam Site or legit. The store has garnered mixed reviews, and they have been active since 2006. So, the store can’t be considered a scam, but further research and analysis are necessary to make a wise decision.


Light in the Box is an online store dealing in fashion, electronics, toys, gifts and fashion accessories. The store has been in service since 2006, serving worldwide consumers. However, the website has garnered mixed reviews with a 4-star rating, and it calls for further research to know Is Light in the Box a Scam Site or legit.             

After evaluating, the website can’t be considered a scam. But further research is necessary before shopping to avoid unnecessary hassles. 

Are you using the website for online shopping? Please share your experiences in the comment section. 

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