Is Keysima Com Legit {July 2021} Read And Then Decide!

Is Keysima Com Legit {July 2021} Read And Then Decide! >> It is an online website selling apparel, lingerie sets, bags, caps, and many other accessories with free shipping worldwide. Read Now.

We all are very influenced by the deals, discounts, varieties of products being given by online shopping portals. But, wait! Are all online shopping sites being legit? As we know answer our self that we should first research well instead of making any jiffy decision. So, a new domain has been launched in the United States just a few months back named Keysima. This has lauched recently and trying to make its place.

So, you all are here to know Is Keysima Com Legit? So, dear friends, we are here to give you all the details on it.

Let us tell you some vital points about it –

So, here we will describe to you some basic but essential points on it –   

  • Domain age – created on 22 April 2021 (less than six months). It is a terrible sign and makes it a suspicious one.
  • Trust score – as per our research, it is less than 30%, another red flag for this platform.
  • Platform using – it is using another website’s forum, that is Shopify, third negative sign.
  • The physical address is absent – no physical address has been given.
  • Owner’s information – not mentioned.

So, do not turn off from reading Keysima com Reviews before you get all your answer.

What is Keysima Com?

It is an online e-commerce portal selling bags, apparel, lingerie sets, and other accessories like caps, belts, and many more. It is also providing steeped discounts and free shipping worldwide. Although on the website, it is already mentioned that the products are 100% mirror quality, dealing in the copy of higher brand’s products. All the detailed description for a particular selected product has been given along with it. But do not turn off from reading this article, as it needs some more answers.

To clear your doubt, Is Keysima Com Legit!


  • Type of Portal – an online shopping portal is selling apparel, lingerie sets, and other accessories.
  • Website –
  • Contact details – not given on the website.
  • Owner’s information – not mentioned.
  • Address – physical address not shown.
  • Email – available from Pinterest
  • Return and Replace policy – not available
  • Product price –in USD denomination.
  • Social media links – only Instagram and Pinterest are available that, that too with not much information.
  • Customer reviews – sections are available, but there is not a single review on the website.
  • Quality assurance – As already informed in Is Keysima Legit, quality assurance is all copies of higher brand products.
  • Shipping cost-free shipping worldwide.
  • Payment method – American Express, debit and credit cards (master and VISA)
  • User-friendly – easy to shop, but no option for sign-up is given.


  • Firstly, higher discounts are being provided with free shipping worldwide.
  • Secondly, providing all products at one place like apparel and other accessories.
  • Thirdly, a description of all the products has been given and mentioned above.


  • No contact details have been given on the website.
  • Brand owner’s information is absent.
  • Only two social media links are available that too lacks complete information and customer reviews.
  • No reviews of any customer on the website.
  • Using another website’s domain, that is, Shopify.

Customer Keysima com Reviews

As per our research, we can say that the given website has trust issues and is considered under the suspicious category. Suspicious websites are really difficult and if one shops from there then could fall with scam. So do not make jiffy decisions as already reliable websites give suitable discounts with your data’s complete safety.

We cannot provide many details on it as there is no single review in the review’s sections and social media links. Also, nothing much can be predicted about this website.

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Final Verdict

As per our glance, be a sensible customer and do not spend your hard-earned money on suspicious e-commerce websites. You can now analyze on your own Is Keysima Com Legit or not? We have given you all the essential details and tools to explore between healthy and unhealthy platforms. Be safe and don’t get trapped into any scams and know here about the PayPal scam.

What is your point of view regarding this article? Have you ever get a chance to explore a suspicious website? Let us know your thoughts via comments.

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