Is Jvenz Scam (Sep 2021) Let Us Read The Reviews Here!

Are you looking for Christmas decoration items? This post will provide you with the details about the website’s authenticity: Is Jvenz Scam?

Are you in search of decoration items for your home this Christmas? Are you interested in buying a wreath online? Hopefully, this post will guide you the best, so stay tuned till the end.

Nowadays, we are all very used to of internet, and everything is easily available on an ecommerce podium with all descriptions of particular items. The United States people are very keen to do shopping online.

Here we are telling you about the podium that holds a collection of wreath and decor items. Currently, few offers are available on the podium. So, let us check: Is Jvenz Scam or legit?

Is Jvenz Legit Or A Scam?

Before any purchase, we must be sure about the website legitimacy, so we have a few points:

  • The website has launched on 30/03/2021.
  • The website will expire soon as its date is 30/03/2022.
  • The website holds a bad trust score of 1%.
  • It secured 38.8 out of 100 trust rank.
  • All points are hidden related to the founder of the company.
  • The content on the portal is plagiarized.
  • The website secured a zero Alexa rating.
  • Shopper’s Jvenz Reviews are available on the portal only, and we cannot verify it.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest links have been shared on the official page, but no one is working.
  • The website holds a wide range of wreath and decor materials with huge discount offers.
  • Protocols fully secure the website.
  • There are unrealistic discounts mentioned on the website.

As of now, the website looks highly questionable. So please check all the specifications carefully before moving ahead.

What is Jvenz?

We go through the URL of the portal to check: Is Jvenz Scam or legit?

Jvenz is the ecommerce podium that claims a collection of items like:

  • Autumn Wreath
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Door Hanging Sign and much more.

All the points related to products are mentioned in the product description. You can buy online through different payment modes. The items on the portal look classy and attractive.

The United States peoples are very curious to know more about the Jvenz.

Other Major Points / Offers That The Website Claim

  • If you purchase two items, you will get free shipping,
  • But one than 20% OFF on the second item.

For the website reality: Is Jvenz Scam or legit? Let us discuss features. 

Specifications About Jvenz

  • The URL of the website is
  • The company address has been shared on the portal, i.e., No. 2, 2nd Floor, Unit 1, Building 1, No. 52 Yingchun Street, Henan Province.
  • The email address for any inquiry is
  • The contact number has not been shared.
  • It provides discount offers with a few terms and conditions on particular items.
  • You can pay online by different payment modes like PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and so on.
  • Shopper’s feedback is extant online on the website. But by which we cannot check: Is Jvenz Scam or legit?
  • There is no activity on the social networking site while all the pages links have been shared.
  • Protocols fully secure the website.
  • You can return/refund within 180 days after receiving.
  • It has taken two days in processing time after the order, but it does not guarantee delivery time.

Advantages of This Online Site

  • It provides a newsletter facility.
  • It is claiming free shipping of orders above $49.99.

Disadvantages of This Online Site

  • The website was created on 30/03/2021.
  • It holds a 1% trust index which looks horrible.
  • Misleading office address.
  • Contact number not available.
  • Unrealistic shoppers’ reviews.

Shoppers’ Jvenz Reviews

The website is offering a collection of wreaths and door decoration items for Christmas.

We explored the internet and found reviews on the website from the user’s side and we cannot be able to verify the same. And it looks questionable because in approximately six months, as there is no output availability on the verified portals like trust pilot.

So be careful before any purchase and learn how to protect your money from PayPal fraud.

The Final Thoughts 

In the last line, we can conclude this post and also say about the authenticityIs Jvenz Scam or legit? by considering few points like new domain age, bad trust rank, horrible trust score, fake office address, no traffic, no publicity, no social media activity, unrealistic prices of the items and much more. Please learn the process by which you can get stuck-free shopping from credit card scams.

Do you have any wreaths from this portal? Please share your thoughts with us in the feedback or reviews box.

16 thoughts on “Is Jvenz Scam (Sep 2021) Let Us Read The Reviews Here!”

  1. This is a terrible company. I ordered 3 wreaths. What a joke. They were only a fourth of the size they said they would be. One of them wasn’t even what I ordered. Allb3 of them.came in a plastic bag that was ripped,torn and in pieces. I have emailed them several times and no response. DO NOT ORDER anything from them.

    • Hello CHRISTA Headid,

      Thank you very much for your informative note! It is extremely beneficial in raising awareness and educating online customers about how dangerous it may be to trust bogus websites at times.

  2. Yes, my wife ordered a wreath. Picture on website looked very nice, with wreath advertised as 18-20″ in diameter. What showed up was junk, 10″ in diameter. Far too small for a door and far too ugly, too. I’ve alerted PayPal who contacted the vendor (appears to be a Chinese company where jvenz is just storefront). I said, “No, full refund”. Company admitted listing was wrong, said they’d update it (they haven’t) and offered me a 10% (not 50% discount, although answer is still “No”). Buyer beware!!!

  3. I just recieved my wreath today that I ordered the end of August. It was a joke what a horrible piece. Only about 1/3 of the size of the wreath I ordered. Plastic flowers looks nothing like what I ordered boy have I learned a lesson here big time in the future I will do my research 🤨

  4. It’s not very often I just flat out get taken but I got scammed good with this company. What you see on their web site is no where near what you get in the mail. It is an 8 inch piece of plastic foolishness. Please don’t buy anything from this company it’s totally a scam to get your money.

  5. I ordered 4 wreaths. They are a fraction of the size as advertised. They are made on a half tube if hard plastic,visible from the front with plastic flowers that look like they belong in a fish tank sparsly hot glues on top. It us laughable I can’t believe I feel for this. I want them held accountable.

  6. Dispute the charges with tour credit card company. PayPal reimbursed me my $44.03 when I sent them a picture of the website and what I received. Don’t let these bastard scammers win!

  7. I also ordered two stockings that were supposed to be full of tactical/survival supplies. The stockings arrived with nothing in them

    • Hello Yvonne H., we feel sad as buyers are not getting the order exactly they need. The sites are not mentioning their policies properly. At last, the buyers have a headache and have to suffer. Kindly check the portal reviews before any transactions. Take care. Thanks.

  8. I also ordered a front door wreath which was small enough for a play house. After repeated emails to the company, they said I could send it back for a full refund… The catch was, you have to send it back to China. The box wouldn’t weigh much but I am not going to spend half or more (of wreath cost) in shipping. Yes, I was offered 10% back. This company will be back with a different name and I will be ready to give bad reviews.


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