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Is Jordanusd Net Legit (Jan 2022) Check Review Here!

Is Jordanusd Net Legit (June 2021) Check Review Here!

Is Jordanusd Net Legit (Jan 2022) Check Review Here! >> Crazy for buying super expensive sneakers? Check this article to know the new website that claims to offer Jordan shoes at an affordable price.

Are you a big fan of buying sneakers? If so, then you are most welcome in this post. The online store has become a topic of curiosity for people living in the United States and Canada claims to emerge as a popular luxury shoe brand that helps people wear exclusive and stylish sneakers without worrying about money. The company ensures a wide range of sneakers at a competitive price that includes an exclusive discount offer at 50% off.

This is why many people are eager to know Is Jordanusd Net Legit or not. So let’s find the truth.

Do you find Jordanusd Net Authentic?

To ensure the legitimacy of this online store, we have checked the site in-depth and found the following checkpoints. We hope these pointers will help you come with the best buying decision.

  •  The website got registered on 21-05-2021, and it is just 24 days old
  • The domain is registered till 21st May 2022.
  • Type of products- The website belongs to a sneakers industry that has a vast collection of shoes at an affordable rate.
  • The About Us Page does not show details of the owners of the company.
  • All of the products are available at a 50% discount.
  • The store offers higher quality, fast delivery, and 24*7 customer support.
  • The website follows an HTTPS connection.
  • To verify is reliable or not, we conduct research on the web and found its poor trust score with 1% and trust rank with 1.4/100.
  • While checking its official website, we found it poorly designed (causing privacy errors), and each product is missing Meta tags.
  • The site does not maintain and social media handles. 

We find that the site is young and other features of this website do not fulfil the criteria of legitimacy, we consider it as questionable. 

What is Jordanusd?

Jordanusd online shoe store is a new suspect. Many buyers from all over the world want to know Is Jordanusd Net Legit or not. To make buyers aware of this online store, we visited its official website.

In the first, the homepage is remarkably misleading. It shows 50% off on the top to attract customers and then indicates the vast collection of shoes of different colors and shapes with 50% off price tags.

At the first look, the website selling model is based on too good to be true deals. However, it is a big sign of being scammed by fraudsters too. So, let’s find the truth.

When it comes to product description, they have explained it well. Besides, they have mentioned shipping and return policy details under the Jordans product. In addition, the contact details are mentioned with working days, address. etc. However, still, it is crucial to know Is Jordanusd Net Legit or not.

Specifications of the Website

  • Website URL-
  • Website registered on:- 21st May 2021
  • Website Type- Jordan sneakers
  • Contact Number- (386) 972-4198
  • Mailing Address- [email protected]
  • Physical Address- 1519, Laurel street, Palatka, Flordia, U.S.A
  • Working days & hours- Monday-Friday @ 10:00 AM-8:00 PM
  • Standard Shipping Policy- As per this policy company takes 7 to 12 days to ship the goods. 
  • Expedited- Here the company takes 3 to 5 days to deliver the goods.  
  • Return Policy- Customers can return their merchandise within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Social media presence- The company does not maintain any social media handle to check reviews. 
  • Payment options- Visa, Master Card, Discover, PayPal, etc.
  • Customer services- available 24*7
  • Current offer- The Company offers a 50 percent discount on all products. 

Pros of the Website

  •  We found the website has excellent varieties of sneakers
  • There is the availability of 50% off on each product
  • This would help you buy luxury shoes at an affordable price.
  • The company offers an expedited shipping policy for faster delivery of goods between 3 to 5 days. 
  • The site uses HTTPS secure connection

Cons of the Website

  • The site domain is too young with a trust score of 1% and rank of 1.4/100
  • Website does not maintain any social media page
  • There is the availability of the negative reviews and evaluations on the network.
  • Website popularity is poor
  • The site has poor credibility

What are Customers’ Reviews for Is Jordanusd Net Legit or not?

Jordanusd is a sneaker store, and we tried our best to know the company’s legitimacy.  To analyze legitimacy, we attempted to check customer’s reviews regarding their shopping experience, product quality and more.

However, the company website shows some positive reviews of buyers, but we cannot consider them authentic until we get online customer reviews. We have found YouTube reviews about this brand and we found that people are enquiring about its legitimacy and stating negative reviews. New buyers can check these reviews and get an idea about the brand. 

We have tried to let you know about the significant factor that says is questionable, as of now. Please read here, if you have ever faced a PayPal Scam.

The Bottom Line

So, by reading the above pointers, we can say the site is highly questionable as of now. The actual reason is the domain is young, and it will take time to grow in the market. So till then, you just wait for customer’s reviews on sneakers and see the growth of the website.

Do you find the reviews helpful? What’s your opinion on today’s Is Jordanusd Net Legit post? Please share your answer in the given comment box. Please read here, if you have ever faced a Credit Card Scam.


  1. I bought some Jordan’s there and haven’t gotten them, it’s been 17 days since I ordered them, they don’t respond to emails too

    1. Hello Sebastein! I would like to thank you for mentioning your concern with us. You know why only innocent people or buyers get trapped in any sort of scams. This is because they believe abruptly in the web store or deals presented to please and attract them. We always advise and alert our readers and present fair reviews after deep research.
      Now since you are getting any response to your emails, then you must take an action. Our advice is if you have paid via PayPal, then, contact their team for the refund, so that they shall not make the payment to the seller and refund it to you. Explain the whole scene and request the same. Hopefully, it will work for you. Stay Safe.

  2. I bought jordons from the website but did not receive any notifications and they don’t have contact number how can I get my money back is the website a scam?

  3. Wish I would of seen this webpage before I purchased a pair. However I did checkout with PayPal and also called discover and they said if I have any problems I will be reimbursed! If it’s too good to be true then most likely it is! Also the company phone number does not work

    1. Hi Neel, It is really disheartening when such expectations don’t get fulfilled. We appreciate that you have shared your feedback. We express our views and deep research in our blogs and warn readers, so that they shall stay away from scam websites. Stay safe.

  4. I bought some air Jordan 1 OG hyper royals and they came in pretty good condition, the box was crap tho. Did not expect that at all

  5. Phone number listed on web site is out of service. Customer Service has not answered any emails that I sent . Still no sneakers.

  6. i ordered my daughter shoes for school. i tried tracking but it says my order failed. i was charged 189.00. there has been no refund. i tried calling the number and it is not in service. i googled the address and it is a house not a warehouse. I was under the impression i was ordering from nike. somehow my daughter ended up on this site from the nike page. i’m so upset as i do not have money to purchase her shoes again. i just want my money back. we would be happy with the shoes but i’m afraid i’ve been scammed.

  7. I ordered a pair of Jordan shoes on August 10th and on Oct 30th I received a paper facemask was scammed 195 dollars

  8. DON’T DO IT!! Many as well through your money in the trash..Ordered a pair back in August and it is now November. Had no problem taking the money from my account! Send two emails to two different addresses and no response. Any number that seems to be associated with them is no longer in service!!! Like said before if it seems to good to be true ITS A SCAM!

    1. Hello Leah, the list of scammers has increased on large scale. They showcase email Id and phone numbers. After grabbing money they are nowhere. Please try to contact your payment company. Check any clue you get from them. Let us know. Thanks.

  9. I order jordan 4 on there and I got them .it took like 3 weeks not they look real the material looks good and everything .

  10. I ordered shoes for my daughter and it’s been 2 weeks have not received them I want my money back now

    1. Hello Chantelle Siffledeen, Did you get any confirmation mail or tracking number? Please check with them, if you get any clue to communicate. Else you can reach with the payment company for a refund. Please update us. Be cautious. Take care. Thanks.

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