Is JOJO Store Legit {July 2021} Fair Reviews To Find!

Is JOJO Store Legit {July 2021} Fair Reviews To Find! >> This article share information on the authenticity of an online shopping website being run in the name of a popular American musical artist.

Are you a music freak and love fashion also the same way? Do you often invest in your interests ans like to shop for musical accessories and clothing from artists? Famous artists have initiated many such websites to attract fans and customers. Still, at the same time, there are fake and fraudulent websites that keep doing rounds on the net, and you should know about them.

One such website is IAM, which has been reviewed here in this article. Therefore, we will try to analyse and present the report Is JOJO Store Legit for the trustworthiness of this website for customers all-round the United States.

Facts essential to check the legitimacy of JOJO store 

There are certain aspects based on which it is analysed that how authentic is a particular brand or website is:

  • This domain has been around for some time. It was registered on 24/07/2021, i.e. six years ago; also, they are using a secure and valid https connection.
  • A trust index score of 80/100 is also found. However, the design of this website is just kept in a reddish theme to attract music enthusiasts, but the content is lacking to mention in JOJO Store Reviews.
  • You can send them the queries and complaints by filling a form; however, some email ids are mentioned for contact and support, but emails do not match the domain and cannot be completely reliable.
  • They had also provided the return shipping address, which, when cross-checked, was found to be misleading.
  • In spite of being and old website, we could find any customer reviews for any of the product

The social media icon given on the website will redirect you to the official social pages of American artist JOJO. It raises allegations Is JOJO Store Legit or not because any famous brand or website is discussed over social media and is openly promoted.

About IamJOJOstore :

IamJojo store is an online shopping store where you will find products related to musical categories such CDs, albums, apparel and accessories. Read the complete article to find out the truth.  If you are a fan of American singer, songwriter and artist Jojo, because they claim it is being owned by artist Jojo. 

Some of the products currently available are :

  • Various albums by Jojo such as Good to know, Mad love, etc.
  • Appeals – Tshirts, hoodies, trousers etc.
  • Accessories – Bucket hat, face masks, etc.

Now, before placing orders from new websites, the question arises Is JOJO Store Legit or not? 

Specifications of JOJO store:

  • The website has a valid and secure url link.
  • For contact and support, they have provided three email id, –,, and 
  • The return address is WMAS e-Commerce Returns/Gnarlywood,2081 Faraday Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008.
  • The shipping and delivery is claimed to be successfully done within 4-7 days.
  • The return can be made within 30 days of delivery, and upon inspection of the returned item, the refund is claimed to be provided within 15 days.
  • They accept PayPal, American Express, MasterCard and Visa for payments.

Pros for the store in search of Is JOJO Store Legit :

  • The products are categorized well.
  • Music enthusiasts who keep searching for custom products such as hoodies, t-shirts, etc. are also available.

Cons for the store:

  • The store doesn’t offer any legit discounts or coupons on the products.
  • The content of short and poor.
  • They need to update the theme and design also.
  • The return address may be fake also; the registered email id also does not seem much reliable.

Customer reviews of IAMJojoStore :

However, this website is 5-6 years old, but still, we were unable to find any JOJO Store Reviews for a website or any product, which is a negative sign. Trustpilot is a reliable website that makes sure if the website is legit or not, but we could not find any reviews on Trustpilot also. Read the article Credit card Scams for more of such information.

Final Verdict :

We would recommend you always do your research and analysis before placing orders and making payment on these kinds of random website. They have a poor customer support system, and you might regret later on. So a detailed analysis is a must for customers before purchasing from this website. 

While checking Is JOJO Store Legit also check here for more information on PayPal Scams

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