Is Jcown Legit (July 2021) Read Reviews, Safe to Buy?

Is Jcown Legit (July 2021)  Read Reviews, Safe to Buy? >> Read this article to know about an online shopping website’s credibility and trust score, along with its reviews.

Do you want to create a safe water park scenario in your backyard for your children? Taking children to the water parks becomes risky because of the Covid-19, but what if you can create a similar scenario in your backyard? Jcown website offers you to have your sliding park.

This article will discuss the Jcown website of the United States and tells you Is Jcown Legit or just another online scam. So let’s find out. 

Is jcown an authentic website?

In this section, we will give you some important information regarding the authenticity of the website. Through this section, you will be able to know whether this website is legit or not. 

  • The domain age- 11 days 
  • Date of registration- 30/06/2020
  • Domain Expiration date- 30/06/2022
  • Office address- there’s no information given regarding the office address
  • Trust rating- 1% trust score, and you will also see a warning sign
  • Malware is detected on the website 
  • No Jcown Reviews are given, which makes this site more suspicious
  • Social media links are there but not in operation. Only icons are visible
  • There is no reviews or rating on the product which means till now there is no customer of this website

With all the information that our research team has collected, it is hard to say that the site is trustworthy. If the Jcown website wants to stay in business, they have to be attractive and improve their choices for the customer. 

For now, if you are thinking to order things from this website, then its better that you consider some other and trusted online shopping website. Now to know Is Jcown Legit, let’s find some more information. 

About Jcown Website

Jcown website offers different water park slides and bouncers which you can set up in your garden. Water sliders are in demand because the water parks are closed in countries like the United States and more because of the Covid-19. 

You can order inflatable bouncers and slides from this website at a price range of $80-$99. Make your children summer fun-loving and enjoying by making them enjoy the fun like Water Park at your backyard of the house.

As we discussed earlier that the credentials of this website is low, so Is Jcown Legit? Maybe, to get to the conclusion, we have to check more information regarding it so that you can clear your doubt. 

Specification of Jcown Website 

  • Browsing URL-
  • Customer support Email-
  • Office working hours- 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Shipping policy- order confirmed by the Email
  • The shipping days and delivery time is not given. 
  • Standard Shipping- EMS/DHL/USPS 
  • Free Shipping- Electronic Package /EDU 
  • Product categories- categorized into three sections, i.e. Inflatable water park, bouncers, and sliders 
  • Refund policy- customer can return the product within seven days of receiving the order as per the customer rights protection act. 
  • Is Jcown Legit– the trust score is very low, and so is the credentials 
  • Social link- not active 
  • Mode of payment- received the payment through multiple modes

Why purchase items from Jcown Website?

  • Offers product at reasonable price
  • You can get a description of the items in a detailed way
  • Check the images of the product from every angle before ordering it

Disadvantages of Jcown Website

  • The trust score of this website is very low
  • Lack of varieties 
  • No customer review section is available 
  • No social media link 
  • There’s no office address given 

People’s opinion of Jcown Reviews

After checking the review of this website on the internet, our research team couldn’t find any reviews or opinions of customers. However, we couldn’t find any comment section on the official site, which makes the customer suspicious regarding this website.

We couldn’t find any social media link on the jcown website, and the social media icons placed at the bottom left of the website are just for the showcase as it is not functional. With all the information, we can now confidently say that jcown is not a legit website. 

So if you are planning to order things from here, then are careful with your PayPal details as online scams are active nowadays. 


Is Jcown Legit? Now, as we got the answer, it is better to say that the customers should avoid this website that deals in inflatable water parks .

In any case, if you have already faced an online money scam with a debit or credit card, click here to know how you can get your money back. 

If you have any other queries, then feel free to write them in the comment section below.

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