Is Isaiah Rashad Gay (March) All About The Leaked Video!

The guide shares details about the rapper to help his fans know Is Isaiah Rashad Gay.

A viral video featuring American rapper and singer Isaiah Rashad is leaked recently, allegedly showing that the rapper performs intimate activities with two other men. Soon after the video went viral, people took social media to question his gender.

The rapper is presently trending on social media after the video was leaked. The singer and rapper received immense support and sympathy from his fans in the United States

After the leaked video went viral, many people started questioning his gender and wanted to know Is Isaiah Rashad Gay. Let us know more about the leaked video.

Who is Isaiah Rashad?

Isaiah Rashad or Joel McClain is a rapper, songwriter, singer, and performer in the United States. The rapper was born on 16th may 1991, and he got his first break in 2012 to perform on Smoker’s Club Tour with other rappers, including Smoke DZA, Joey Badass, and Juicy J. 

Isaiah Rashad is also the founding member of the hip-hop collective of Chattanooga, The House. He started rapping right from the 10th Grade when his friends recorded his raps on their laptops. The rapper gradually grabbed the attention of many fans, and he got the first break to rap at the Smoker’s Club Tour with other rappers.

About Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video – Is He a Gay or Bi?

The TDE Artist and Rapper Isaiah Rashad have never revealed anything about his gender, and hence it is not clear whether he is gay or bi. However, the rapper is trending on social media, especially after a video of the rapper went viral on Twitter and Reddit. 

The video features the rapper along with two other males, and they were performing objectionable intimate activities. However, his fans and others are not happy with those anonymous people who leaked the video without the rapper’s consent. 

Despite such mischief, the rapper is getting heartwarming messages from his fans, as per sources. But some people who are unaware of his struggles are questioning his gender and want to know Is Isaiah Rashad Gay?   

Does Isaiah Rashad Have a Girlfriend?

Isaiah Rashad was rumored a couple of years ago to be dating someone. But he never revealed his girlfriend’s name because he believes in keeping his dating life and relationship secret. 

Some reports suggest that the rapper had a daughter and a son from his previous relationship. But the baby mamma is still out of the limelight. 

How Are People Reacting to the Video?

After evaluating, we found that many people supported the rapper after the viral video while some are questioning and want to know about the Isaiah Rashad Reddit leaked video?

Despite the leaked video on Reddit and Twitter going viral, people supported the rapper and shared their sympathy for him. People positively respond to the video and believe it is not true as he never came out to be gay. 

Wrapping It All

A viral video of Isaiah Rashad with other men was posted on Twitter and Reddit, but it has been removed. The rapper was seen performing objectionable activities on those men. However, the rapper is yet to clear things out about the video leak.

He has not reacted to the video and comments asking Is Isaiah Rashad Gay. But his fans were supporting the rapper, which is proved on a Twitter Thread.

Do you want to share anything about the leaked video? Please, share it in the comments section. Moreover, we have provided you with information only from online sources and hold no authority on the subject. 

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