Is Legit {Jun 2021} Read The Reviews Here!

Is Legit {Jun 2021} Read The Reviews Here! >> This website sells inflatable items such as air furniture and pool sets. We would request you to read the article before shopping from this portal.

Have you recently come across from your friend or colleague? Have you heard that it sells something different? Are you surfing the net to know in detail about it? Of course, you do want to explore this website, but notwithstanding your curiosity, are you doubtful regarding this portal and want to know more about Is Legit? Then, read this article to answer all your questions.

This website is presently operating in United States. Here in this article, we have put down for you facts extracted from the portal and the web regarding this website. 

Is Authentic?

As per our research, the legality of this portal is indeed at stake. Read on the points mentioned below to affirm the same.

  • Age of Domain – very recent (less than six months)
  • Trust Score of Portal –2%, categorized under ‘Very Bad Trust Score’
  • Absence of Contact Details – there is neither any contact address nor any contact number mentioned in the portal. This is an essential point regarding Reviews.
  • Absence of Linking to Social Media – the website has not been linked to any social media platform.
  • Data Security – although the padlocking of this website is with https, yet this does not always guarantee the security of data.

What is is an electronic commerce portal selling inflatable products namely, pool sets, airbeds, and air furniture like pull-out sofas and chairs. In addition to these products, the portal also provides filtration and sanitation devices such as sand filter pumps and saltwater systems related to the above-mentioned products. 


  • Contact Details – no physical address or contact number have been provided, which is vital for your confirmation regarding Is Legit.
  • Type of Website – An e-commerce portal dealing with inflatable products such as air furniture and pool sets.
  • Address of Portal –
  • Email Id – (domain not pertaining to that of the website).
  • Sort By – available
  • Price of Product – provided in US Dollars
  • Payment – via PayPal
  • Customer Reviews – not available
  • Return Policy – within seven days of the date of delivery, subject to review by the seller.
  • Refund Policy – return shipping and delivery charges not covered.
  • Shipping Policy – free shipping on orders over $49.99
  • Tracking of Package – link not functional


Read on to find out more about Is Legit. There are not many advantages of shopping from this portal. Nevertheless please find the few found pros as stated below .

  • The category of products being sold is somewhat different from other websites.
  • Product description and specifications have been provided explicitly.


The unlikable and objectionable points pertaining to this portal are as follows:

  • The ‘track order’ link is non-functional and is redirecting to the home page itself, which again indicates towards naïve portal setup. Poor web design, in turn, must have raised your eyebrow regarding Is Legit.
  • On the home page, it is mentioned that “Each customer can only buy one product”, whereas more than one product can be added to cart. This again points towards poor web design.
  • There are umpteen numbers of grammatical errors throughout the policy wordings. Also, there are repetitions of words in the policies, which show that the concerned team is callous regarding important terms and conditions to be stated on the portal.
  • There are no customer reviews to any product on the portal.
  • Finally, due to the absence of contact details and the newness of this portal, this website has trust issues. Reviews

Regrettably, this website does not have any mention in the leading reviewing platforms such as Amazon, Quora, Reddit or Trustpilot. This attributes to the unpopularity and perhaps the untrustworthiness of this portal. 

Final Verdict

By reading the above article, you must be sure that it is unsafe to shop from this portal. Had we been at your place, we would never have indulged in such a website for shopping uniqueness when other reliable websites exist in the market. Yet as experienced customers, the final decision lies with you. 

Whether you are from United States or the rest of the world, what is your opinion about Is Legit? Please write to us in the comments section. For getting more idea about this site you can checkout this link.

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  1. I ordered a pool from the site right after I ordered it at my bank set me a fraud protection text as of right now I do not know if they are legit or not I’m leaning more towards being not legit since there is no customer service number no way to cancel the order or anything like that my bank is working with its I will update if it is legit or not

    • Thank you for your valuable comment. It is always advised to go with trustable portals to shop for your desired products. Shopping safely from online portals is a challenge but we always make effort to advise our readers.

      Through this, we would like to alert our readers of being scammed. Research for the reliability of the portal. We never want our readers to get into any trap. So Stay Safe. Keep reading.


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