Is Hilepek com Legit (Aug 2021) Know Detailed Reviews!

Is Hilepek com Legit (Aug 2021) Know Detailed Reviews! >> An old shopping site claims itself a reputable luggage bag manufacturer & seller. However, is it really authentic? Please read to know more.

In recent years due to the proliferation of e-commerce markets, each and every commodity is available at fingertips. However, the more the technology is evolving, the more the fraudulent activities are overgrowing.

Today we are going to analyze a pretty old web-Hilepek com, which is well-known for its luggage bag collection Worldwide. This blog will enlighten its legitimacy. 

So, Is Hilepek com Legit? Please check the provided facts below-

How Authentic is Hilepek com?

To determine the web’s reliability, we require minute scrutiny and search. After that only, it will be specified whether it is reliable or not. Readers are suggested to go through the below points to understand the site properly-

  • Domain Age: The web has been running the service since 24th September 2011.
  • Address Legitimacy: Address is trustworthy.
  • Trust Ratings: It is 14% only.
  • Content Quality: The content is 50% copied from various online shopping sites.
  • Payment Modes: It is online. No proper modes have been mentioned.
  • Domain Registration Name: The registration name is HILLAPEX.COM
  • Online Community Page: Logos are visible on the webpage, but no reliable connection is found.
  • Reviews: No Hilepek com Reviews are visible on the weblogs.
  • Owner Information: Not available.
  • Copied Picture: Product photos are original.

Above all, the fact is showing it is a suspicious site.

What is Hilepek com?

Hilepek com claims to be a renowned bag manufacturer web across the world. It is based in Pakistan, but the web delivers service Worldwide. The bag specialist web does not sell luggage bags, but visitors can discover apparel, fighting gears, soccer gaming gears, biking suits, etc.

Even it has a separate ‘Production’ tab that enlightens their manufacturing process & product details. However, Is Hilepek com Legit? Some factors have created dubiousness; nevertheless, before predicting anything, let’s verify some important factors-

Specifications of Hilepek com:

  • Address Details: The address is R-117, Al-Rehmat town, at Chenab-rangers road, 51310-Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Browning URL: People can find the store via
  • Email ID: hill,
  • Mobile Number: 0092300 7101027.
  • Shipping Time: It isn’t really mentioned.
  • Shipping Method: Various modes are available- Sea Cargo, Air Cargo, DHL, etc.
  • Shipping Price: Not mentioned on the webpage.
  • Returnable Option: The details are hidden.
  • Refund Facility: The information isn’t given on the web.
  • Is Hilepek com Legit: The web lacks several factors.
  • Cancellation Process: The cancellation system is not provided over the product page or in a separate section.
  • Payout Process: It’s online- EX Factory, CIF, FOB, C&F.

Pros of Shopping from Hilepek com:

  • Trendy collections of luggage bags are available.
  • Several shipping methods are provided.
  • The site has legit address details.

Cons of Shopping from Hilepek com:

  • Shipping policy & timing is unclear.
  • The return policy is missing.
  • Refund & replacement facilities aren’t provided.
  • Trust rating is below worthy.
  • Cancellation availability is unclear.
  • Reviews and social profiles are not found.
  • Content quality is shallow.

What are customers’ Reviews on Is Hilepek com Legit?

In recent market research, it has been revealed that every online business has one and the only motto, i.e., to earn ‘Customer satisfaction.’ However, nowadays, buyers’ persona has changed a lot. Before, the majority of people used to purchase without checking customer satisfaction; however, now buyers are putting more concentration on the reviews before judging any brand.

In this case, while we tried to find remarks, we observed nothing. As mentioned above, it is pretty old, but there are a lack of comments on its webpage. Additionally, we didn’t see a single consumer’s review over weblogs.

We found another notable fact while searching ‘Hilepek com Reviews‘- The web contains social platforms logos like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, and Instagram icons; however, those aren’t proper redirecting links. When we clicked on those icons, it showed the login page instead of its official profile page. This site claims itself to be a reputed luggage bag manufacturing web, but there are some loopholes. Know how to get a refund on PayPal if scammed.

Final Verdict:

Although the site has been operating for the past 9 years, we still can’t ignore the flaws mentioned above. The site needs to create more engagement with consumers and conduct promotion campaigns. Is Hilepek com Legit? -well, the site’s trust rating is shallow. So, people are advised to avoid Hilepek com and find a reliable online shop. Know how to get a refund on a Credit Card if scammed. Would you consider this site for shopping? Kindly share below.

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