Is Giveaway Bot Legit {August} Read Here And Beware!

The article Is Giveaway Bot Legit answers the trending questions with detailed explanations and suggests some precautionary steps to avoid such scams.

Are you aware of the term called “bots”? Don’t you think it works like a robot without any human interactions? In this digital world where artificial intelligence does most of the work, it does have positive sides but also negative sides. 

The region that is known for its technological advancements is the United States. So today we are going to see the negative side of technical advancements, Is Giveaway Bot Legit

The bot giveaway

The bots are defined as internet robots that act as helping agents for programmers to do certain human tasks. But nowadays, some unlawful activities are being detected using this bot. One such activity is giving fake giveaways to random customers and making them fall for digital prey. Some of these bots have “verified” badges to deceive customers. Some people have shared their fake bot giveaways from Discord. 

Discord is an instant messaging app. And these kinds of giveaways are becoming increasingly common in Discord. This bot giveaway may be a scam to loot people’s money, so it doesn’t seem to be a legit one.

Discord Giveaway Bot Scam 

In discord giveaways, cyber fraudsters use many techniques to deceive people. One such technique is the “bot scam.” Here the criminals will create their bots and program them to contact random people who were associated with the discord app. 

And they send some malicious links and claim that the user has won the giveaways. But if the user clicks that link, it will redirect them to a web-hooked third-party website to steal information .After acquiring the personal details; the bots ask the customers to pay extra money to claim the prize. If they didn’t provide the extra money, scammers would loot the money from the provided banking details.


Is Giveaway Bot Legit? It is difficult to find the answer because the bot messages look so authentic, so the responsibilities lie with the people to stay aware.

These precautionary steps can be taken to avoid such illicit giveaways.

  • Try to ignore the unknown person/page messages.
  •  Possibly try to delete the message which looks like a scam/or if they have provided any links.
  •  If you find anything suspicious, contact the Discord help officials. 
  • You can utilize a scam-detecting website to analyze its legitimacy. If you are afraid of checking its legitimacy, you must visit a bulletproof website that protects against scams or viruses.

Types of giveaways

Is Giveaway Bot Legit? People should analyze the link before providing any information .and there are many types of bot giveaways.

The fake giveaways are,

  • Nitro Giveaways: assists users in obtaining premium services. 
  • Bitcoin giveaway :Claiming to provide crypto currency and running bogus campaigns, 
  • Game skin giveaway: they deceive the public by offering popular game skins.


Sometimes criminals may impersonate them as employees of the discord company and provide them with fake giveaway messages, so people shouldn’t fall for that. People should ask this question if you have participated in any legit giving ways. 

Is Giveaway Bot Legit? If it passes all the legitimacy tests, people must contact discord support to confirm their giveaways. For more information. 

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