Is Earncashto A Scam (June 2021) Checkout Details Here!

Is Earncashto A Scam (June 2021) Checkout Details Here! >> This article shares the site’s details that claim to help you earn money by sitting at home but seems questionable.

There are many portals in countries like South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, Colombia, Kenya and other parts of the world on the web offering options of making money online, which have become popular, especially among people who are perhaps still at their homes due to the pandemic. 

Earncashto is one such portal grounded in the Netherlands. Despite its attractive rewards, people across the world, including in countries like Australia and United States, have one question: Is Earncashto A Scam? Read this article to find out.

Is Earncashto Legit?

Please find our observations after a thorough research from the internet:

  • Website Age – It was created on 27-05-2021it is very recent, less than one month to be precise. 
  • Website Trust Score – 1%, which falls under the category of “Very Bad Trust Score”. It holds a trust rank of 1.5 out of 100, which will surely stop you from using this platform.
  • Customer Reviews – Present by affiliates in the portal and some negative reviews under the video evaluation.
  • Linking to Social Media – Present to their pages on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Absence of Contact Number – No contact number is given on the website, and it is a significant point related to Earncashto Reviews.
  • Broken Link – The link to their Facebook page seems to be non-functional.

The website asks you to complete the surveys and click on the referral links, but according to the legitimacy check, the site seems dubious. Getting $2 just for a click seems unreal. If you wish to use this platform, be very sure about the legitimacy as your personal details added to the site may be used in different ways.

What Is Earncashto?

Earncashto, an online influencer platform founded in 2016 by Bernie Estes, pays its users after a free registration and upon completing activities such as , contributing to surveys and sharing referral links. Have you tried such kind of portals before? Are you also worried that Is Earncashto A Scam or legit? Please continue reading this article will be your helping hand to grab the facts.

It offers payment for creating content on social media portals such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and SnapChat, out of its revenue that it earns from its advertisers like Clash of Clans and McDonalds.

The site claims to pay you for every click on the referral links and sharing them. You may also earn by completing the survey and sharing the details. You may also receive money just to sign up, and you can do it multiple times.

Key Features of the Website

Please find below the specifications or some key features of this platform that shall help you to decide Is Earncashto A Scam.

  • Type Of Portal – An online influencer portal that offers payment to its users upon completing surveys, etc.
  • Website Address –
  • Established on – 27-05-2021.
  • Expiring on – 27-05-2022.
  • Contact Address – Van der Hoevenplein, 243, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
  • Email Id –
  • Terms And Conditions – mentioned explicitly
  • Privacy Policy and Anti-Fraud Policy – mentioned separately
  • Payment Methods – via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, etc.
  • Users’ Reviews – Some users are quoting it as a scam; considering the Is Earncashto A Scam video evaluation.

Some Key Details of the Website

  • The policies on the site have been mentioned in a detailed manner.
  • The web design is very user-friendly.
  • They have around-the-clock chat assistance service.
  • The website works on a valid HTTPS connection.
  • The website is too young to rely upon.
  • No contact number of the owner is present.
  • The link to their Facebook page is broken.
  • It has too low a trust index to trust.

Earncashto Reviews from the Users

There is no mention of this portal on the foremost reviewer sites. However, there are negative reviews by the users of Encashto under YouTube evaluation regarding this platform that doubt its legality. People are also enquiring about its authenticity. 

These is the presence of positive reviews on the website. There are only a few reviews claiming that the site offers amazing surveys and a good chance to earn money. They also recommend others to use it.

Nonetheless, it is a bit dicey to trust these reviews, as the website functions by paying users for writing reviews for other brands, and there are chances that its own reviews are paid as well. 

Conclusion on Is Earncash to A Scam

We have presented before you all possible information that we could get about this portal that claims to offer passive income, through our findings on the Internet. 

We request you to examine the reviews related to this site and use your experiences of obtaining money online before proceeding with Earncashto and check How to protect yourself from a scam.

Do you trust any portal that offers you to earn by clicking on the link? Please share your feedback in the comment section below.

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