Is Cyberscoopph Scam Or Legit {July} Check Reviews!

This article provides every detail about the shopping web portal and further details to know Is Cyberscoopph Scam or Legit. Follow our blog to know more.    

Are you searching for your desired electronic gadgets on online shopping portal? Are you unable to find your desired electronic gadget online? If yes, then this shopping portal was introduced for you only. The website was registered in the Philippines.

Today in this article will focus on the entire information about the shopping webpage and further information about Is Cyberscoopph Scam or Legit. Read the article below. 


Is Scam or Legit website?

The customers visiting the shopping portal should go through the entire information provided about the shopping website and ensure the authenticity of the website. The information given below allows to know to authenticity of the shopping webpage:

  • The registration of the webpage: The development date of the webpage is 09/07/2023.
  • The webpage location: The address of the shopping portal 329 J, Luna Street, Bagong Silang, Mandaluyong City.
  • The global ranking on Alexa: There is no information about the global Alexa ranking of the website.
  • Email Address:
  • Email address worthiness: According to Cyberscoopph Reviews, the email address of the website is valid.
  • Trust rating details: The Trust Ranking of the shopping web portal is bad, only 1.4%. 
  • Copied content percentage: The rate of copied content of the webpage is 0%.
  • Account on social platforms: There are no social media logos on its website.

What is

The shopping webpage contains various electronic gadgets in its web store. There are numerous gadgets includes earphones, Nintendo Switch Lite, Gaming Mouse, Earbuds, Smart watch, Air pods, Power Core Metro Essential 20W PD, VR Gaming Headset, X box series X, Head Phones, Instant camera and lot more. The website features its products in various colors and designs. Besides the customer should find Is Cyberscoopph Scam or Legit.

Specifications of

  • The web portal
  • The web portal development date– The development date of the webpage is 09/07/2023. 
  • The lapse of domain– The date expiration of the webpage is 09/07/2024.
  • Call on phone- 09532634571 is the phone number of the web portal.   
  • The webpage location: The address of the shopping portal 329 J, Luna Street, Bagong Silang, Mandaluyong City.
  • Account on social media– There are no social media logos on its website.
  • Shipping time taken- It takes 5-10 to deliver the order in standard shipping service.
  • Web founder information- No details about the finder of the web portal is mentioned to knowing Is Cyberscoopph Scam or Legit. 
  • Delivering for Free: It provides free shipping service on the orders.
  • Time for Return: The order can be returned within 30 days.  
  • Policy on Refund: It refunds the amount to customer within 10 days.
  • Order Exchangeable service: The web portal provides exchange on the orders.
  • Return shipping fees: Customer will have to pay the return delivery fees.    
  • Information on discount: It provides 70% off on its products.
  • Ways for order cancellation- No details about Order cancellation service is available. 
  • Non-returnable orders: It does not provide return service on custom products and perishable products.
  • Payment methods– Visa, PayPal, Master Card, American Express, etc.

Positive aspects to understanding Is Cyberscoopph Scam or Legit:

  • It did give the details of the website location which is required.
  • It has mentioned various gateways of payment.
  • It allows free shipping service on the orders
  • It has given the number to contact for customer service.
  • It did mention the email account.
  • It allows discount on its orders.
  • It offers return, refund and exchange service on its products.

Disadvantages of

  • It is not available on social platforms.
  • It has not given the information about the web founder.
  • It did charge fees from customers on return order. 
  • It does not have any logos of social media on its website.

Cyberscoopph Reviews:

The shopping portal has no customer reviews available on its shopping web portal. The Ranking on Alexa of the website is not available. There are not any reviews from customer on online platforms and social media webpage. Here the customer needs to know- Get Your Money-Back From Scammers

The Closing Statement:

The shopping website does not have much online product selling experience. There re no buyers for its products. The website has a bad Trust Rating. Furthermore, there are not any reviews from customer on online platforms and social media webpage. The website seems doubtful and customers should be careful from such shopping website. Here customers should also know- How to get money back on paypal of scammed

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Is Cyberscoopph Scam or Legit: FAQ-

Q1. When was developed?

Answer: 09/07/2023

Q2. What is the start date of 

Answer: 09/07/2024

Q3. What is Alexa global rank? 

Answer: Not available 

Q4. What are the products that provide?

Answer: Electronic gadgets

Q5. What is the Trust rating?

Answer: 1.4%

Q6. What is return time?

Answer: 30 days

Q7. What is the shipping timing?

Answer: 5-10 days

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