Is Conichee com Legit (Aug 2021) Find The Reviews Here!

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By Marifilmines Team

Is Conichee com Legit (Aug 2021) Find The Reviews Here! >> In this article, we have talked about a recent e-commerce website dealing with a wide range of tool kits.

Do you want a perfect tool kit that carries all your tools, from the smallest to the largest one?  Did you come across a website called Conichee and wish to reaffirm its legality before purchasing products from this new portal? Then, please continue reading to clarify all your misunderstandings. 

People in the United States want to know about this website, and in today’s article, we have mentioned the details about your enquiry Is Conichee com Legit. Therefore, please read this article thoroughly before taking any decision. 

Is Authentic?

Please find the facts that we saw over the Web regarding the authenticity of this portal. 

  • Website Age – Less than one week, the website creation date is 11 August 2021.
  • Social Media Linking – The links of social media are redirecting to the home page without a real connection to any social media platform. 
  • Content Authenticity – The contents in the “About Us” have been copied from another dubious forum.
  • Reviews of Customers –Some customer reviews are mentioned on the home website, but these do not appear to be true. This is a significant point to consider regarding Conichee com Reviews.
  • Website Trust Score – 2%, which is categorized under a “Very Bad Trust Index”.
  • Specifications – The sorting and filtering options are absent in this portal. 
  • Owner Information – No owner information is mentioned on the portal. 
  • Contact Address Absence – The physical address is not provided; only the contact e-mail is given on the Contact Us page. 

Based on these particulars retrieved from the Net, this portal seems to be a scam. 

What Is Conichee?

Conichee is an e-commerce portal that deals with a wide variety of tool kits, from the portable equipment to the proper cabinet kit for your tools, where you can keep up to four hundred tools. Please read on to know Is Conichee com Legit. The portable tool kit will help you while travelling. One can also choose the size of these tools. The kit will help you get the correct device at the accurate time as the tools can be arranged in a neat and compact manner inside the kit. 


  • Website Type – An electronic commerce website that provides several sizes of tool kits. 
  • Electronic Mail Address –
  • Contact Number –  Not available
  • Contact Address –   Not available (The absence of any physical address of the owner reaffirms your doubt of Is Conichee com Legit)
  • Website Address –
  • Sorting and Filtering Options –  Unavailable
  • Products Price – given in USD.
  • Payments Policy – Any credit card payment must follow the financial institutions that issue the credit cards for approval.
  • Delivery and Shipping Policies – The delivery time depends on the shipping method.
  • Refund and Return Policies – The customers have to return the products within seven days.
  • Payment– via PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa cards. 
  • Social Media Linking – Absent


Below are the pros of using this portal.

  • The website developer has exhibited the products properly.
  • A route chart is given to determine the speed of delivery among the different zones of the US.  


Regarding Is Conichee com Legit, please find the negative points about this website, which shall throw more light on your opinions. 

  • There is no contact information about the owners on the website. 
  • The “About” section wordings are not relevant to the portal.
  • All the products were on the home page. While selecting the new page, you will be back on the same page, with the maximum number of products available. 
  • This portal is not reliable because it is new, and there are no believable reviews by the customers. 
  • There is no connection of this portal to social media platforms. 

Conichee com Reviews

We could not find any reviews regarding this website on review platforms like Amazon, Quora, Trustpilot, or Reddit. This shows that the website is unreliable as it is newly launched. It might be helpful for you to know Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam in this regard. 

The Final Verdict

You must have become very clear that this portal is not worth getting involved in. Therefore, we suggest you not purchase any type of tool kits from these kinds of illicit portals and also peruse Get Your Money-Back From paypal Scammers. You can find out about tool kits to know its functioning. 

Please share your views about Is Conichee com Legit in the comments section below. 

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